With its NFT collection, ELLE Déco explores the design of tomorrow

From September 8 to 17, the capital vibrated to the rhythm of design, on the occasion of Paris Design Week. The exhibition not to be missed was the one orchestrated by ELLE Décoration. The magazine exclusively presented its first NFT collections, brought together in “D3SIGN CAPSULE”, a project that brings together architects/designers and digital artists. Amateurs and collectors can now find these works on the SuperRare marketplace.

More than 8,000 visitors for the NFT D3SIGN CAPSULE exhibition

The announcement was made a few weeks ago. ELLE Décoration launched its first NFT collection on the occasion of its 35e anniversary. Visitors flocked to the National Archives, which welcomed those who are inventing the interiors of tomorrow to the apartments of the Princess of Soubise, a masterpiece of French decorative arts. At the crossroads between art, design, and metaverse, 16 collections have been honored.

While NFT drops are common in the music and sports industries, this is the first time such an initiative has taken place in the world of decoration. Thus, ELLE Décoration presents itself as a magazine at the forefront of innovation.

NFT D3SIGN CAPSULE: Creation in tandem

With its D3SIGN CAPSULE project, ELLE Décoration plunges us into the digital future by bringing digital art and design closer together. So, 16 pairs have pooled their creativity to explore what the future of decoration will be like.

Each duo is made up of a digital artist and a maestro of architecture, design or decoration, who collaborate to create a collection of digital works, infused with their respective universes.

For example, the pair formed by Christiane Lemieux and William Mapan takes us on the wave of generative art and the patterns it can produce. Each NFT in their collection dubbed ” Winding is unique and comes with a physical piece, a silk veil printed with a work by Parisian artist William Mapan. A prodigy of digital art, the latter is distinguished by his ability to insert a component of the real world, here fabric samples, into an algorithm in order to be able to bring originality to his works.

Other duos have chosen to create physical pieces that flow from their digital collection. The purchaser of the work ofHermine Bourdin and Krista Kim will receive the lamp imagined for the video loop made with four hands.

The sale continues… D3SIGN CAPSULE NFTs auctioned on SuperRare

ELLE Decoration featuresa dedicated gallery within the SuperRare marketplace named D3SIGN CAPSULE. Fifteen collections of NFTs are offered to collectors around the world through an auction system in Ethers, the main cryptocurrency in the NFT universe.

Collections have already been a resounding success. For example, the one consisting of four videos, produced by the tandem Benoît Challand and Pietro Franceschiniou of the lamp conceptualized by the architect and designer Charles Zana with the artist Thomas Paquet.

Don’t panic, collectors can still acquire D3SIGN CAPSULE’s NFTs if they reach the reserve price set for each work (from 2 to 30 ETH).

NFTs open up a new, barely explored field of decorating possibilities. Thanks to the generation of computer art, the frontiers of possibility are widening. ELLE Décoration continues its adventure in the Web3 by relying on communities of artists and designers. After a new exhibition during the Unique Design X fair in October, a second collection has already been announced for spring 2023. A way for SHE Decoration to consolidate its position as a leader, at the forefront of innovation in the media.

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