Winkyverse's educational metaverse is all the rage!

Mainbot, the French start-up behind the edutainment robot Winky, has just announced that 75% of the first lots in its metaverse, The Winkyverse, have been sold in 3 days!

75% of land sold in 3 days across more than 50 countries

In 2019, the company Mainbot launched its edutainment robot Winky. In 2021, it’s time for her to incubate her Winkyverse project, an educational metaverse with the resolution to become the first of its kind. Finally, on September 29, 2,100 of the Winkyverse’s first lots went on sale through a private sale. Thanks to Winkybot NFTs, holders have exclusive access to the sale and a 50% discount on “lands”, or land in French.

Building on its success with the Winky robot, Mainbot decided to embark on a major Web3 project: the first educational metaverse video game, The Winkyverse. It is a universe intended to be immersive and collaborative, which will offer a multitude of quests and numerous educational content suitable for adults, as well as children and families.

A poetic story

The story of The Winkyverse is set 3,000 years in the future. After the Earth was almost destroyed by pollution and overexploitation, and natural resources having almost disappeared, human civilization had to adapt and evolve. This is how the EcoBots were born, to heal the planet and erase their mistakes from humanity. Through various practices such as recycling or permaculture, human beings are now trying to live in an ecologically responsible way. In The Winkyverse, the player can thus travel through a gigantic open world, where Humans, Nature and EcoBots live in harmony.

Explorers of the Winkyverse can develop and personalize their land there to develop its playful and financial value by building economic structures, but also host educational content generated by other users or simply their own creations. Finally, it is possible to earn passive income from title to the land through collection, refining, and crafting taxes.

The system and the token on which the ecosystem is based

The 2,100 lots available during this first sales cycle are located on Pomokata, the first biome in the Winkyverse. It is an archipelago with high peaks, lush forests and magnificent beaches.

Two types of land are for sale:

  • standard plots priced at WNK$200,000; and
  • the Legendary Lands are priced at WNK$2,500,000.

In this metaverse, all purchases are made in Winkies tokens ($WNK), a proprietary virtual currency. Winkies are used by major gamers1 uniquely. They can then be converted into traditional fiat currencies (dollars, euros…) to generate a profit.

This first sale is encouraging with 75% of land sold in 3 days in 54 countries. It demonstrates the appetite for a new metaverse, the desire of players and investors to take part in a new economy based on exchange, discovery and learning, in a virtual universe accessible to all”. comments Boris Kesler Fasano CEO of Mainbot.

1 Young players will benefit from a gaming experience without monetization. The Winkyverse offers two distinct entry points for minors and adults. The Winkyverse Kids is completely free, without monetization or advertising, and offers content adapted to young audiences. The adult part has different contents and an economy.

To explore the world of the Winkyverse in more detail, you can visit their website. And as always, if you don’t want to miss any of their news, you can follow them on social networks like Twitter and instagram.

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