Will Bitcoin go higher or lower?

The crypto world is in constant turmoil and everything can change in the blink of an eye. The sudden fall of Bitcoin, following Iran's attack on Israel, has sowed uncertainty among investors. However, this event raises serious concerns about the future of the crypto queen. Let's dive into analyzing these complex dynamics shaping the future of Bitcoin.

Will Bitcoin rise or fall even lower?

The Iranian attack on Israel shook financial markets, leading to a wave of panic selling that hit Bitcoin hard. However, it is not the only element to take into account. Indeed, several factors contribute to market volatility. Among these are upcoming events in the coming days that could shake up the future of Bitcoin.

  • First of all, the Halving Bitcoin planned between April 18 and 21, 2024, could boost the price of crypto. Indeed, this halving of the miners' reward is historically followed by a rebound in Bitcoin. However, its impact remains uncertain in the current context.
  • Then, the trial between the SEC and Coinbase, scheduled for April 19, could weaken investor confidence if the decision is unfavorable to the exchange platform. Finally, the hearing of the former CEO of Binance, on April 30, will be closely scrutinized. His statements and possible legal action could have a significant impact on the entire crypto market, including Bitcoin.
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Rebound signals?

Despite these headwinds, encouraging signs suggest the possibility of a rebound for Bitcoin in the medium term. First of all, we note the growing adoption of Bitcoin by individuals and businesses, particularly in payments and cross-border transactions. Additionally, technological advances increase investor confidence. This is the example of improving payment networks and developing more efficient security solutions.

Faced with the complexity of the crypto market, several scenarios can emerge for the future of Bitcoin. In a worst-case scenario, a succession of bad news could lead to a lasting fall in crypto, such as further geopolitical attacks or a major economic recession. Conversely, Bitcoin could experience a new phase of increase, crossing new historic highs, following major upcoming events such as Halving. In any case, only the future will tell…

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