Why did Immunefi ban the use of ChatGPT on its platform?

Immunefi is a platform that rewards white hackers who find and report on Blockchain vulnerabilities. She made the decision to ban users who use ChatGPT to generate Bug reports. The most surprising ? the artificial intelligence software itself agrees with this banishment.

Immunefi explaining on Twitter why they banned 15 ChatGPT users on their platform.

ChatGPT, a not so smart artificial intelligence?

On its Twitter account, the platform that fights piracy Defi declares: “So far, we have permanently banned 15 people for submitting ChatGPT reports. » Relaying a publication Coindeskthe platform goes on to explain its decision in another Tweet: “There is a difference between something like GitHub Copilot and ChatGPT. With the former, you drive the process, and Copilot’s role is to offer helpful suggestions in context, which you accept or reject when writing your program.

With the latter, you use a single prompt to generate something that looks like a well-written bug report, but doesn’t make sense when analyzed in more detail. » She ends by saying: “It wastes time for white hat, Immunefi and projects. That’s why we disallow ChatGPT reporting”. Meanwhile, two other users have been banned, bringing the total number of banned users to 17.

What does ChatGPT think about being banned from the Immunefi platform?

ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence developed by OpenAI would have a hard time writing reports, but the AI ​​has no problem with its banishment. By the way, Immunefi asked ChatGPT why the AI ​​thinks we shouldn’t use it itself to generate bug reports. ChatGPT replied, “It’s generally not a good idea to submit bug reports from ChatGPT or any other language generation model. This is because language generation models such as ChatGPT are not designed to diagnose or identify technical issues. Instead, they’re trained to produce human-like texts based on the feedback they’ve received. »

Immunefi does not, however, rule out the possibility of reintegrating AI software for bug reporting in the future. This type of software could be the solution to fight against the many Blockchain attacks.

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