When crypto critic Peter Schiff becomes a promoter of a shitcoin

Peter Schiff’s Twitter account posted on June 3, 2023, a series of publications promoting a new token. Tweets to say the least, surprising when you know the economist’s aversion to cryptocurrencies. The reactions to these posts were not long in coming. One of them, and not the least, is that of the economist’s son who alerts his subscribers to an obvious scam.

Peter Schiff’s Twitter account advertises a new token

Economist Peter Schiff is a fierce critic of cryptocurrencies in general and bitcoin in particular. The fund manager still surprised the entire cryptosphere recently by announcing the implementation of his crypto project on the Bitcoin blockchain. Could he suddenly become a cryptophile?

In any case, this is what these publications made from his Twitter account and which promote a “revolutionary token in terms of cryptocurrency” suggest. “It’s truly amazing how empowering the crypto community is on Twitter… We’re building crypto step by step,” read one of the tweets.

The token in question is called $GOLD and is a “true revolution for DeFi” according to its initiators. They also urged Mr. Schiff’s subscribers to acquire the digital asset which would be “extremely close to exhaustion”.

Spencer Schiff’s warning

Son of the investor, Spencer Shiff quickly put an end to doubts and questions through a tweet. “Do not click on this link. My dad is in London and it’s four in the morning there, which means he’s definitely been hacked. He does not respond to any of my messages “he posted on the social network for warn subscribers and the entire cryptosphere against the orchestrated scam.

The creators of the $GOLD token, which already has more than 400 holders, obviously hacked Peter Schiff’s Twitter account to take advantage of his notoriety and boost their marketing campaign. They have also added the entrepreneur’s account to their communication channels.

Will Peter Schiff, who does not hesitate to advise against bitcoin and with it all altcoins, shed light on this situation in the coming days? The no-coiner explanation is already highly anticipated in the cryptosphere.

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