When a politician's victory becomes that of bitcoin (BTC)!

The bitcoin would like to have bold rulers like Nayib Bukele or Faustin-Archange Touadéra. The latter, after having legalized bitcoin in their respective countries, have given rise to hope among those who are tired of the yoke of traditional banks. The Canadian Conservatives who have just elected Pierre Poilievre as their leader, making him the candidate who will probably bring down Justin Trudeau in the next election, are on the way to finding the ideal man to follow in the footsteps of these fearless presidents. In the event of a victory in the next federal election, it is certain that Canada will completely change its attitude towards bitcoin.

Poilievre, future Canadian prime minister?

Yesterday, September 10, the Canadian Conservatives gave a landslide victory to Pierre Poilievre with 68.15% of the vote. He therefore becomes the new leader of the party, leaving only crumbs to his Progressive-Conservative opponent Jean Charest, 16.07% of the vote.

This victory for Poilievre risks upsetting the plans of Justin Trudeau’s clan if he intends to continue in power with his current disastrous record. Moreover, did not the current Prime Minister of Canada congratulate his future rival in the next election on Twitter when he learned of the election of Pierre Poilievre?

Barely elected, the latter attacked the power in place:

There are people in this country who are hanging by a thread… They don’t need a government to run their lives, they need a government that can run a passport office. […] They need a Prime Minister who will hear them and offer them hope that they can buy a house again, a car, pay their bills, feed themselves, have a secure retirement, and even, God forbid, realize their dreams if they work hard. They need a prime minister who gives them that hope, and I’ll be that prime minister. “. Excerpts from his first speech as leader of the Canadian Conservative Party taken by CTV News.

An anti-woke, a pro-bitcoin

Pierre Poilievre, the author of the word “ Just inflation promises to become a Prime Minister who will make Canada the the freest country in the world “. Knowing that the inflation rate was estimated at 7.6% last July, according to AA. To say that a month earlier, the statistics had spoken of a crossing of the bar of 8%.

Like all enthusiasts, Poilievre believes bitcoin can serve as a hedge against inflation. Hadn’t he praised the merits of the queen of cryptocurrencies during his campaign? He had even paid for his lunch with the same asset.

Incidentally, Mr. Poilievre holds BTC assets in Purpose Bitcoin. He made the declaration to the federal conflict of interest and ethics commissioner on May 4, underlined CTV News.

Pierre Poilievre tweeted on 1er last April that [son pays a] need for sound money again – and also freedom for buyers and sellers to choose bitcoin and other technologies “.

Not included in these ” other technologies » the CBDC that the Bank of Canada intends to develop. Because for him, Canadians have the right to control their own finances.

The Freedom Convoy demonstrators would have liked to have Polivere as prime minister since he is an avowed antiwoke. Unfortunately, the Trudeau government didn’t really appreciate the fact that these anti-vax truckers were receiving cryptocurrency donations to support their protests. He didn’t hesitate a single inch to freeze their assets.

As the main arguments of his recent campaign, Bitcoin Magazine noted the following lines:

I am running as Prime Minister to give you control of your life and restore freedom;

People with big responsibilities told us we would have deflation – at the same time they were printing money to cause inflation. Why should we believe them now?

Put people back in control of their lives and finances.

Take control of money away from politicians and bankers and give it back to the people. »

Such a speech comes at the right time in a context where inflation is causing panic among Canadian households. But who wouldn’t love to hear such promises from their elected officials?

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