Weekly Newsletter of November 6, 2022

Here is the main news of the last 7 days!

The Top 5 Cryptos Today:

📌Bitcoin (BTC) | $22,825 🔽

📌Ethereum (ETH) | $1,570 🔽

📌Binance Coin (BNB) | $307 🔼

📌XRP (XRP) | $0.392 🔽

📌Cardano (ADA) | $0.372 🔽

📉Powerful rejection at $24,000 and further correction. Over the past seven days, BTC price managed to hit an important resistance zone at $24,000 before being sharply rejected all the way to $22,500 at a 24-hour low. The bearish divergence under construction since mid-January is thus validated. If the cryptocurrency manages to hold this local support, the correction could end there and bitcoin could start again with a target of $25,000. Otherwise, a drop below $22,500 could initially take us to the support zone between $20,800 and $21,400.

☘️The Bitcoin industry is the greenest in the world! The Bitcoin Mining Council has published its latest quarterly report which provides an update on 2022.

💥The number of cryptocurrency holders is exploding! There were just over 300 million worldwide at the start of 2022, the number of crypto holders has now reached 425 million, of which 219 million hold bitcoin. Democratization is underway, despite the bear market!

⚡️A mining company settles on a nuclear power plant. After the Japanese TEPCO, it is the turn of the Texan nuclear energy company Talen Energy to participate in securing the Bitcoin network in partnership with TeraWulf.

🚨Binance is making a big mistake with client funds! The exchange mistakenly mixed its own funds and customer funds on the same wallet.

🏦 An ambitious competition for Paypal. Several major banks, including Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America, have reportedly teamed up to launch a digital wallet aimed at competing with Paypal and Apple Pay.

💣Amazon on an NFT initiative. The e-commerce giant would be about to launch on a blockchain gaming platform that would reward its customers with NFT.

🗞Bitcoin and the Internet, comparison of two digital revolutions. Bitcoin and the internet are two digital revolutions with immense political, technological and economic consequences. Back on their cross evolutions which have many more similarities than it seems.

🔝Top 10 hacks and cheats in 2022! This month of January is an opportunity to take stock of hacks and frauds in Web 3.0 in 2022. Here is a top 10!

⛽️Inflation, Oil, Debt, Bitcoin. What is the root cause of inflation? Is it monetary or energetic? Will inflation ever stop? Should you invest your savings in Bitcoin?

See you soon for more crypto news!

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