Tron ranks first in total active addresses

In this period of bear market, it is interesting to look at some figures that show which are the most used blockchains. Tron and his community are showing strong consolidation.

Tron strengthens its positions in many areas

We already told you about it in January 2022, the value of the Tron network continues to increase. During a tweet from Tron Community, we learn that Tron ranks well above the others in terms of active addresses. Number 1 all year 2022 with only a few variations between March and April 2022 with the number of active Bitcoin addresses.

At the time of writing this article, according to Screener there are 1,718,958 active addresses. Only 982,140 active Bitcoin addresses, we find Ethereum in third position with almost half of Bitcoin: 502,430 active addresses.

But it’s not just the number of addresses that interests us, the ” total value locked or TVL is one of the important metrics when analyzing a blockchain. According to Defi Llama, the Ethereum blockchain with its 536 protocols is the leader with $35.55 billion in TVL. We then find neck and neck Tron with 5.64 billion dollars and BSC with 5.4 billion dollars. However, according to some experts like Laurent Perello, advisor for TRON DAO, Defi Llama does not take into account all the protocols of Tron. Indeed, on tronscan we find a TVL of 10.9 billion dollars, far ahead of that of BSC estimated by Defi Llama.

source: Defi Llama

Another important point is the presence of stablecoins on blockchains. Indeed stablecoins will play a decisive role in the crypto landscape. According to Defi Llama, the total stablecoin market is estimated at $152 billion. The undisputed leader remains the Ethereum blockchain with 58.52% of the market, or 89.52 billion dollars. Where Tron and BSC posted very close results in terms of TVL, the story is very different in terms of stablecoins. With 36.94 billion dollars against 8.28 billion dollars, the TRON blockchain largely dominates the second place. Moreover, it is 88.97% USDT, in addition to its native stablecoin USDD.

The increasingly active TRX community

Tron shows exemplary growth in terms of number of accounts. In just 1 year and during a bear market, tronscan shows an increase of more than 100%. Going from around 50 million accounts to 108 million in August 2022.

There is no shortage of events for the Tron community. As the Tron DAO hackathon comes to an end. With more than 1800 participants and a million dollars divided between four axes: Web3, NFT, GameFi and DeFi. A new project emerges and only on twitter. The sTRONger Together Challenge, a community project that already brings together more than 40 companies. These companies build on Tron and aim to show the strength of the Tron community and its ecosystem.

source: Adshares

Tron therefore continues its growth in many areas and imposes its status as leader or number 2 in a large number of variables. It only remains to wait for the response of the other blockchains, because this race is not a sprint but a very long marathon.

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