The very special bitcoin (BTC) whiskey from the Ventura distillery

Finding beautiful objects around bitcoin (BTC) is always a pleasure. Designers and artisans around the world are full of imagination to create amazing objects. To celebrate bitcoin’s birthday in El Salvador, the Ventura family distilled a very special whisky. Naturally, it was President Nayib Bukele who received the very first bottle.

Recently the jeweler Jacob and co presented its Bitcoin watch during the Geneva Days Watch. Limited edition and overpriced, it is not accessible to everyone, fortunately other collectibles or commemorative items are within our reach.

Salvador bitcoin whiskey

The Ventura Distillery

It is in the east of El Salvador, in the department of Morazan, that little Antonio Ventura (born in 1950) likes to watch the distillation of alcohol. He observes and thinks that one day he too will make his own whisky. What he did at the age of 31: on September 20, 1980, he opened his own distillery on a small ranch in the town with the evocative name “Delicias de Concepción”.

Five years later, the distillery had to close because of the civil war. The Ventura family chooses to leave, but Papa Ventura intends to return. It was done in 1996. But bad luck pursued him and a fire ravaged the distillery in 2012. Antonio did not let himself be knocked down and rebuilt. He died in 2019 and left the family legacy to his children. They honor him and the distillery always offers a very high quality whisky.

bitcoin whiskey

The first bottle sold at auction for $100 in thirty minutes. It is not known if it was sold in bitcoins, but it is a possible option. Other bottles are $65. We still have bad news: the Ventura don’t ship outside of El Salvador… Definitely everything invites us to go to this country. To celebrate the National Day on September 15, which almost coincides with the anniversary of Bitcoin in El Salvador (September 7), President Nayib Bukele received his numbered copy.

The website of the Ventura Distillery.

BTC Wine vintage bitcoin

We can understand if, like me, you are disappointed not to be able to obtain this magnificent bottle of bitcoin whiskey commemorative. In France, we are lucky to have very good wines and BTC Wine will undoubtedly be able to console you. This company has been offering very fine wines since 2017 and accepts payments in Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, DAI and USDC. The bottles are beautiful and come with their NFT.

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