The governor of the Banque de France attacked with a hammer

The affair appeared three months later in Le Figaro. The Governor of the Banque de France, François Villeroy de Galhau, was the victim of a hammer attack in June.

A beautiful day

the Figaro relates:

“This summer, the case went unnoticed. […] On June 26, 2022, a rather elderly man was attacked with a hammer in Basel. The attacker did not stop hitting his victim, even when the latter was already on the ground, until passers-by intervened and overpowered him. […] But the prosecution had not revealed […] that the attacked man is one of the most influential French people in the country. His name: François Villeroy de Galhau. The 63-year-old Alsatian was rushed to hospital. »

Why ? It would be easy to suspect that his attacker took action in reaction to the hostility of the Governor of the Banque de France towards Bitcoin and his support for the dystopian CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency).

Basel is indeed the host city of the famous Bank for International Settlements (BIS). Where central bankers from all over the world meet to discuss the CBDC in particular. In this regard, do not miss our latest article on the CBDC.

Agustin Carsten, chairman of the BRI, said a few months ago “that unlike cash, the CBDC will give central bankers absolute control over how it is used”.

Agustin Carsten and François Villeroy de Galhau have moreover found this Tuesday in Paris. The two friends obviously broke sugar on Bitcoin.

The French governor considered it “regrettable” El Salvador’s decision to make Bitcoin an official currency. He also pleaded in favor of a passage of the MiCa (Markets in Crypto-Assets) law, arguing that it “this crypto winter was not a reason to rest on its laurels during this crypto winter”.

Christine Lagarde, present by videoconference, launched for her part that “Crypto-assets are purely speculative assets and certainly not means of payment or stores of value”said.

But despite appearances, it is not a maximalist Bitcoin that has pulled out its hammer. The Basel Court of Appeal believes that the motivation for this attack is “political or ecological”.

Indeed, organizations like Extinction Rebellion regularly criticize banks that finance fossil fuel extraction projects.

Some activists have descended into extremism. One went so far as to attempt to set himself on fire in Roger Federer’s farewell game last weekend.

Conversely, Bitcoin maximalists are not extremists.

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