The conquests of OpenAI: ChatGPT arrives on the App Store!

Suitable for highly mobile users, the mobile version of ChatGPT is now available on the App Store. For now, OpenAI has decided to make it accessible people who like smartphones and tablets from the apple brand. Soon, Android fans will be entitled to the ChatGPT application via their technological toy.

ChatGPT, an app for iOS

Nothing stops OpenAI and ChatGPT anymore. Even the Italian government had to back down in the face of increasingly attractive artificial intelligence on a global scale.

In a publication dated May 18, TechCrunch revealed that OpenAI did a step further in the development of its very popular chatbot. Actually, ChatGPT just joined the App Store. This simply means that any user of Apple mobile devices (iPhone, iPad) will now be able to use it, free of charge.

You no longer need to use a desktop PC or Microsoft’s Bing app to access ChatGPT.

Here is the ChatGPT app for iOS! We are live in the US and will expand to other countries in the coming weeks. Android is the next step! »

Announcement of the big landing on App Store

The ChatGPT app is free and syncs your history across all devices. It also integrates Whisperour open-source voice recognition system, enabling voice input “, can we read on the blog from OpenAI.

Americans first!

OpenAI clarified in their article that the iOS version of ChatGPT is limited to US users at this time. But a worldwide deployment will take place in the near future, the chatbot developers had promised. Thus, ChatGPT will be able to provide its knowledge and faculties to more than a billion users of devices under the iOS system.

Screenshot on App Store

We also note that, subsequently, ChatGPT Plus subscribers also have access to GPT-4 features, the latest version of this artificial intelligence. Let’s not forget that at a certain point, this one raised a lively controversy between tech barons.

For $20 per month, these users are entitled to enhanced functionality. It’s sort of the icing on the ChatGPT cake given the basic benefits following:

  • instant responses;
  • tailored advice;
  • creative inspiration;
  • commentary from a professional;
  • learning opportunities;
  • etc

With the ChatGPT app for iOS, we’re taking our mission one step further by turning cutting-edge research into useful tools that empower people, while continually making them more accessible. “, notes the OpenAI team.

Otherwise, take note, crypto traders! If you think to go further, know that BabyAGI and AutoGPT have become essential tools for some cryptocurrency investors. Both apps are affiliated with ChatGPT-4.

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