The Cardano Foundation (ADA) raises a toast for Georgian wine!

Solicited by Georgian institutions, Cardano quickly responded to the call. After consultation, a solution that will hoist Georgian wine to the top step of the podium will be deployed on the blockchain. This will include a monitoring, traceability and certification system with which the quality of this nectar can be guaranteed.

Cardano and the Georgian 3 Musketeers

Probably seduced by the quality of Georgia’s wine, the Cardano Foundation joins the country’s National Wine Agency Scantrust and the Bolnisi Winemakers Association to create a solution backed by its blockchain. After consultation, they decided to establish a “creative” and “profitable” certification and traceability system that Scantrust will develop.

For information, Scantrust is a Swiss platform specializing in connected goods and packaging.

If the project is successful, consumers will be able to easily verify the authenticity of a Georgian wine found on any shelf. The scan of the QR code, unique and secure, affixed to the label of the bottle will be more than enough. Thus, fans of Georgian wine will have at their fingertips reliable information about the authenticity of products.

As a test, the quartet chose to launch a pilot program including the sale of 100,000 bottles of wine in Bolnisi. It will be operational in the spring of 2023.

In addition, Georgia’s National Wine Agency plans to create public, verifiable records from existing certification data for products intended for export. In the eyes of Levan Mekhuzla, president of this agency, the Cardano blockchain is the ideal partner for this mission.

People around the world deserve to experience Georgian wine for what it is, a festive and exceptional drink that we have been growing for more than 8,000 years. For lovers of exceptional wines, this partnership between the Cardano Foundation, Scantrust and the Association of Winegrowers of Bolnisi will guarantee customers a real Georgian wine. “, he had commented.

From 200,000 to 12 million bottles

Not only does this Georgian initiative promise more transparency across the entire Georgian wine value chain, but it will also boost local productivity.

Guram Avkkopashivili, founder of the Bolnisi Winegrowers Association, makes a connection:

Our goal is to produce and export 12 million bottles of wine in Bolnisi in 10 years. Currently, we produce a total of 200,000 bottles of wine, which we sell to the Georgian, European, American, Australian and Chinese markets. If we want to expand our market, we need to build trust in our products. As such, this track and trace solution on Cardano is fundamental to achieving our goal. »

Who would have thought that one day the blockchain will be so quickly recognized by economic players such as winegrowers? Otherwise, this story of label encryption seemed promising for Africa’s food sovereignty, we elaborated on last year. This process would guarantee the transparency of the certification process, and consequently the explosion of sales.

Frederik Gregaard, CEO of Cardano Foundation, discusses the issues related to this solution for Georgia wine:

At the Cardano Foundation, we are focused on developing secure, transparent, and responsible solutions for positive impact. This collaboration between the Bolnisi Winemakers Association, Scantrust and the National Wine Agency of Georgia is a perfect example of using blockchain to solve a real-world problem – building trust. We look forward to working with the Georgian wine industry in the years to come to show how the Cardano blockchain can modernize traditional businesses. »


Increasingly fond of blockchain technology, Georgia is not going to stop there to boost its economy. Besides, hadn’t it called on WiV Technologie, a Norwegian blockchain company, to mint NFTs for local wines in 2021? What is certain is that the transparency promised by the blockchain represents a great asset, not only for Georgian winegrowers, but also for other producers and economic players around the world. Thus, the Earth will gradually get rid of counterfeits.

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