Tether Holding was managed by 4 people in 2018

Until 2021, the ownership structure of Tether Holding was still unknown. It is investigations by the Attorney General of New York and the Community Futures Trading Commission that will finally lift the veil on this subject. Here are the four biggest figures of this cryptocurrency company until 2018.

Who are the first shareholders of Tether Holding?

What many investors do not know is that only 4 people controlled 86% of the capital of Tether Holdings Limited in 2018. Indeed, this is proven by documents from the Wall Street Journal following investigations by US authorities. In addition, it should be noted that the company in question is the issuer of the Tether crypto.

It is the largest stablecoin in the world, as it has $68 billion in circulating assets. At least that’s what a report from CoinMarketCap points out. According to these investigations, this cryptocurrency was first launched by the joint efforts of two people. They are ex-plastic surgeon Giancarlo Devasini, as well as former crypto-entrepreneur and young actor Brock Pierce. In fact, it took place in September 2014 in the British Virgin Islands.

The next partners of Tether until 2018

Then, Jean-Louis van Der Velder and Stuart Hoegner will own 15% of the company in 2018. Pierce will leave the structure of the best stablecoin 4 years after its creation, leaving Devasini with almost 43% of shares. Moreover, he participated in the creation of the Bitfinex crypto exchange. The next two shareholders are also executives of this other company.

Finally, the fourth largest investor in Tether Holding in 2018 will be Christopher Harborne from the UK. This one is of dual nationality, as he was also Thai and owned around 13% of shares in Tether. It is also important to note that with their own assets and the help of another related company, the four gentlemen owned almost 86% of Tether.

Ultimately, the results of these surveys of UK entities are helping Tether establish itself as one of the largest companies in the stablecoins in the world. Although it must be recognized that some people think that these allegations are dubious.

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