Terra (LUNA): Do Kwon, a fugitive?

Are we getting closer to Do Kwon’s arrest? In any case, an arrest warrant has already been issued against him. The South Korean police, aided by the Singaporean authorities, say he remains physically untraceable. On the internet, Kwon does not hide that he is always present and that he does not hide…virtually.

Do Kwon claims he’s not on the run

I’m not ‘on the run’ or anything like that – for any government agency that has shown an interest in communicating, we will remain cooperative, as we have nothing to hide

We are defending ourselves in multiple jurisdictions – we have held ourselves to an extremely high standard of integrity, and we look forward to uncovering the truth over the coming months »

So here are some excerpts from Do Kwon’s tweets posted yesterday, late in the evening. These messages were preceded by some explanations on its current location. Or on the conditions under which he will issue details relating to this.

For Do Kwon, these data are reserved only:

  • to his friends ;
  • to anyone with whom he has an appointment;
  • and to any initiator of Web3 game project based on the GPS in close collaboration with him.

If so, ” you don’t have to know my GPS coordinates “, he had underlined.

A warrant for his arrest

Earlier this week, South Korean prosecutors issued an arrest warrant for Terra co-founder Do Kwon. They also took measures to limit his possibilities of movement. Among other things, they asked the Ministry of Finance to proceed with the cancellation of his passport.

A long story precedes this decision of the South Korean justice to put Kwon under bars. First, there is the collapse of Terra which began last May, causing a loss of more than 40 billion dollars. Thousands of investors lost much or all of their holdings after this fiasco.

Even other cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ether, and dogecoin were affected by Terra’s failure.

Other crypto companies or projects have also had a bad run on occasion. To name only Voyager, Three Arrows Capital, Celsius…

But it should also not be forgotten that South Korean prosecutors recently opened an investigation into the characteristics of the tokens that make up the Terra ecosystem. According to this decision, an arrest warrant, the examinations they undertook made it possible to constitute a new charge for Do Kwon.

It should be noted that the Singaporean police had returned empty-handed from the address occupied by Do Kwon in Singapore. If he did not answer present, it is that he had anticipated their blow. This story of justification of absence on Twitter, will it alleviate his sentences after his possible trial?

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