Terra: Do Kwon apologizes (finally!) for his “derisory” tweets

Do Kwon, who is still not behind bars, comes out of his silence again. Strangely enough, the boss of Terraform Labs has changed his tone. Instead of ironizing the crypto community, as he used to do, the fugitive chose a rather respectful tone. The ironic Do Kwon of recent times begs to be excused.

The arrogant Do Kwon (Terraform Labs) answered evil with evil

In a recent interview with Laura Shin ofUnchained Podcast, Do Kwon gave a mea culpa again. The man who kept posting arrogant messages on Twitter suddenly became gentle as a lamb. To see his statementthe boss of Terra would regret his behavior towards the crypto community.

Here is an excerpt from his response:

I am sorry. The way we responded to the allegations in a press report could give the impression that we are on the defensive. This is absolutely not the case. I believed in the stability of UST. I apologize and I take, you know, full responsibility for this situation. »

In addition, he explained that his behavior would be motivated by the way in which people interacted with him on the social network at the blue bird. So, if the latter granted themselves more freedom in their comments, it is quite logical for them to adopt the same register of language.

Just because there are anonymous cartoon characters who are more liberal with the words they use, doesn’t mean I should have followed suit. In my personal life, I am rather introverted. When I started Terra, there wasn’t a lot of communication with the media or Twitter, which wasn’t necessarily a big deal. “, he underlined.

Do Kwon discusses the prospect of a mole in the Terra case

However, by doing so, Do Kwon made sure to increase the number of his haters. Indeed, the posts he deemed entertaining continued to upset enthusiasts and Terra crash victims alike. Hadn’t he denied the existence of a red notice issued by Interpol recently? Right now, a large number of investors are eagerly awaiting his arrest. They probably don’t care about his excuses.

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