Tamil Nadu police go blockchain

Realizing the importance of blockchain technology and Web3, more and more industries are starting to use them. Today, it is the turn of the Idol branch of the Tamil Nadu police to get started. This initiative would address many of the challenges faced by the police in handling complaints. It also marks India’s desire to integrate Web3 into its daily life.

The police want to guarantee the anonymity of informants, via the blockchain

The “Idol” CID branch of the Tamil Nadu Police has just launched an initiative that could be a game-changer when it comes to protecting informants. It allows informants wishing to transmit information to the police to do so anonymously. This branch deals with the smuggling, possession or sale of illicit ancient idols. The initiative also benefits the personnel of this branch of India’s police force, who can submit their grievances on the blockchain. The public wishing to file complaints can also do so on the decentralized blockchain at complaints.tnidols.com.

Since the blockchain allows information to be recorded and tracked in an immutable ledger, this means that it can no longer be changed. This would be a considerable advantage, as the complaints recorded on the blockchain can no longer be manipulated. K. Jayanth, Director General of Police Idol Wing CIDadds that the initiative will allow “ speed up response time and improve the efficiency of police forces “.

A branch of the police force in Tamil Nadu, India, is embarking on blockchain
A branch of the police force in Tamil Nadu, India, is embarking on blockchain

A one-of-a-kind initiative

The Tamil Nadu Police can be proud of this unique initiative. For each complaint registered on the blockchain, a preliminary investigation will be conducted by Idol Wing agents to determine its admissibility. Anonymous tipsters on the channel will be rewarded with a Soul Bound Token (SBT), which is an NFT. However, this will be on the condition that the information leads to the seizure or arrest of a thief or smuggler.

Speaking of NFT, India has jumped into Web3 with Desi Baby Club. This is a big NFT project that aims to introduce Indian talent to Web3 opportunities. These two projects are very promising for the future of the country.

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