Surfin' Bitcoin 2023: Discover the program for the French-speaking scene and the 73 confirmed speakers

Biarritz, June 23, 2023 – Surfin’ Bitcoin, the fourth edition of the conference organized by StackinSat, today confirms 73 speakers and announces the program for the French-speaking scene. By emphasizing innovation and research in Bitcoin and by offering a space for discussion on topics of interest to professionals in the sector, Surfin’ Bitcoin is positioned as the unmissable meeting place for the bitcoiner community and decision-makers. Of the industry. The event will open its doors on Wednesday August 23 with an exceptional evening, the Networking Night, in one of the most iconic places in the city: Les Halles de Biarritz.

Two days of complete immersion in the world of Bitcoin: August 24 and 25, 2023 in Biarritz

With a total of 80 speakers expected, the organizers have decided to accentuate the focus on the economy, geopolitics and finance, an approach acclaimed by participants in previous editions. Many topics will be discussed, including education around Bitcoin for professionals and individuals, the digitization of currency, the potential impact of Bitcoin on the dollar and the yuan, the evolution of regulation in the sector with the arrival of MiCa and the PSAN approval, as well as the evolution of stablecoins and the strategy of central banks on the advent of CBDCs. This edition also offers a new program on the French-speaking scene, which will take place over two days, August 24 and 25, 2023. The program for the English-speaking scene will be announced in the coming weeks.

One of this year’s major innovations is the introduction of Surfin’ Lightning Day. Organized in partnership with Bastien Teinturier from ACINQ and Lisa Neigut from Blockstream, this day will allow you to understand the technical basics of Bitcoin and the lightning network, including an interactive workshop led by Lisa.

Four panels will receive special attention during the conference. Debate ” Growth vs Decline: Where Does Bitcoin Fit on the Ecological Spectrum?“, with Ferghane Azihari and Alexandre Stachckenko, will explore the burning question of the ecological impact of Bitcoin. The panel ” Centralized vs Decentralized Stablecoins: What Investors Need to Know“, will welcome Jean Marc Stenger, Pierre Person, Pablo Veyrat and Token Brice for a lively discussion on this hot topic with a strong impact on the industry. The other highlight of this program in French will be the panel composed of three bank executives and Claire Balva entitled: “Bitcoin and Big Business: how to go from skepticism to adoption?” and finally to project themselves into the future, the organizers have planned a panel on “How Will Bitcoin Kill Central Banks?” with Yorick de Mombyne, Damien Thellier and Ferghane Azihari.

Another major attraction of the Surfin’ Bitcoin event will be the exceptional intervention of Colonel Duvinage, Head of the Center for the Fight against Digital Crime at the National Gendarmerie (PJGN). The Colonel will give us unpublished testimony on the strategies and tactics used by the National Gendarmerie to fight against crimes and offenses related to crypto-assets, while sharing his perspectives on the future of regulation in the sector.

Among the international speakers are industry leaders such as George Selgin, the famous American economist, Thaddeus Dryja, the co-creator of the lightning Network, or even Ray Youssef known for having created Paxful and involved in the CivKit project, a protocol Bitcoin P2P based on the Nostr protocol. All debates and presentations from the English-speaking conference room will be broadcast live on Youtube.

Surfin’ Bitcoin: More than a conference, a perfect experience for networking

One of the standout aspects of Surfin’ Bitcoin is the exceptional networking opportunity it offers. This is a unique opportunity to meet industry experts, entrepreneurs, investors, and other bitcoin enthusiasts, share ideas, and build lasting connections. We have planned everything to facilitate these exchanges, including a networking application, and make this event a memorable experience.

The first evening, the “Networking Night” on August 23, will take place in an exclusive and exceptional place: Les Halles de Biarritz. For this evening, we have completely privatized the premises, creating an ideal environment to socialize, exchange and create valuable connections in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere while tasting the best of our local products which makes the Surfin’ Bitcoin conference unique. In terms of logistics, our team ensured that every detail of the event was taken care of to provide a smooth and enjoyable experience for our attendees. It is also possible to book hotel rooms directly with the organization of the conference.

A startup pitch contest is entering Surfin’ Bitcoin!

For the first time at Surfin’ Bitcoin, entrepreneurs in the sector will have the opportunity to shine in the startup pitch competition. In partnership with the Cube3 blockchain incubator, we invite six to eight promising startups to present their project in front of a jury of experts. The winner, chosen by applause meter just before the closing party, will have access to special prizes, including the opening of two PEB Premium StackinSat worth €1,000, a direct pre-selection for the next wave of projects incubated by Cube3, access to the incubator support program. To apply, simply fill out a form available here. The selection of the 6 or 8 projects will be announced at the end of July.

About the organizer

StackinSat ( invented the concept of the Bitcoin Savings Plan (“PEB”), a service that allows you to buy Bitcoin in an extremely simple way and at regular intervals, weekly or monthly, from €10. The company aims to become the reference platform for all Bitcoin-related services in the coming years (savings, payment, etc.). StackinSat is hosting the Surfin’ Bitcoin Conference, the largest Bitcoin conference in Europe on August 23, 24 and 25, 2023.

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Surfin’ Bitcoin 2023: The list of 73 confirmed speakers

French speakers English speakers
Jean-Marc StengerCEO Societe Generale Forge
Denis MeilhonManaging Director Banque Delubac&Cie
Yves ChoueifatyCEO TOBAM
Romain ChillyLawyer at ORWL
Frank ManoukianPartner Regsharp
Florent GabrielCEO Summit Market & Hosting
Bastien DyerVP Engineering, Afive
Richard ChbeirMathematician and OpenCEMS Director
Jacques FavierAuthor, former banker and historian
Yorick De mombynesMagistrate at the Court of Auditors
Claire BalvaFounder, Blockchain Partner
Alexander StachchenkoFounder Blockchain Partner
Jonathan HerscoviciCEO StackinSat
Ferghane AzihariCEO Free Academy of Human Sciences Theo MogenetCEO of the Bitcoin Institute
Faustine FleuretCEO of ADAN
Stephane VojettaDeputy for the 5th constituency of French people living outside France
Owen SimoninYoutuber “Hasher” and CEO of Meria
Rogzy, Founder of Discover Bitcoin
Sebastien Gouspillou, Co-founder of Bigblock Group – Bitcoin mining and CEO of BBGS
Hubert DeVauplane, Lawyer at Kramer Levin
Gilles Cadignan, CEO of Woleet
Pierre Morizot, Co-founder and CEO of Waltio
Yoann Lopez, Founder of the Snowball Newsletter
Imad Warde, CEO – HedgeGuard
Natalie Janson, Professor at Neoma Business School Stephanie Cabossorias, Director at Binance France Damien Theillier, President of the Free Academy of Human Sciences
Mr TK, youtuber
Token Brice, Head of Growth at Liquity
Pablo Veyrat, Co-founder and Main Contributor of Angle Protocol
Raphael Rossello, Managing Partner at Invest Securities
Jeremy Rosselli :General Manager N26 France Colonel Duvinage, specialized in criminal investigations and cybercrime – National Gendarmerie
Vincent Ginnocchio, IT engineer
Louis-Alexandre Defroissard, CEO & Founder Montaigne Consulting & Heritage
Antoine Riard, Bitcoin developer and founder of CivKit
Theo Pantamis, researcher in applied mathematics and bitcoin expert
Pierre Person, Former Member of Parliament for Paris – 6th District
Adli Takkal Battle, President of the Cercle du Coin
Michel Khazzaka, CEO of Valuechain consulting
Charles Guillemet, CTO at Ledger Pierre Ginet, geographer, professor at the University of Lorraine
Romain Lanusse, Regional Director Banque Delubac & Cie
Gregory Guittard, CEO of Le Journal du Coin
Guillaume Goualard, Co-founder and CEO of Grand Angle Crypto and CleanSat Mining
Richard Detente, Co-founder of Grand Anlge Crypto and CleanSat Mining
Remi Forte, Documentary writer-director
Yannick Bernard, Researcher in Philosophy
William O’RorkePartner at ORWL Avocats
Pierre Husson, Spokesperson BPI France
Didier Darcet, Co-founder of Gavekal
Lisa Neigut, Bitcoin & LN Developer, Blockstream
Olga Ukolova : COO, Pandora Prime
Daniel PrinceOnce Bitten Podcaster
George Selgin, Economist
Thaddeus DryjaFounder and developer of the Lightning Network Peter Todd, OpenTimeStamp
Ray Yousef, CivKit & Noones
Nicholas Gregory, CivKit & Noones
Dr. Tom Trevethan, CivKit & Noones
Kevin Hurley, LightSpark CTO
Rikki, Italian Podcaster
Tadge Drija, VP Engineer Lightspark
Jack Ehlers, COO Bitsamps
Lina Cuttlefish, Founder of The Little HODLer
Phil Champagne, Writer and Managing Director of Wren Investment Group, LLC
Christian Decker, Core Tech Engineer at Blockstream Maxim Orlovsky, CEO, LNP/BP Standards Association Oliver Gugger, Lightning Network contributor
Pierre Corbin, Creator of The Great Reset Johan Halseth, Head of Protocol Development Lighting NYDIG
Brice BerdahHead of Growth at Liquity

Surfin’ Bitcoin 2023: The program for the French-speaking scene

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