Crypto: Internet users are turning to Web3 at the expense of Bitcoin

In the Web3 universe, the Ethereum, Solana, Polkadot or Cosmos ecosystems are very attractive for the development of Web3 applications. This is the observation made by the Bitcoin start-up Bolt Fun, which has made it its mission to change the situation. To achieve this, she encourages developers to look at Bitcoin. According to its officials, the first blockchain offers the only decentralized infrastructure worth building.

A 9-Week Hackathon to Drive Bitcoin Adoption Among Developers

Officials from the start-up Bolt Fun have observed that there is strong growth in the development of Web3 applications among competitors of Bitcoin. During this time, the first network hosts very few projects in this direction. An anomaly according to them, which they decided to to correct by organizing a nine-week hackathon. The contest brought together 260 makers from around the world. It is also the biggest hackathon in the Bitcoin ecosystem, says Johns Beharry, co-founder of Bolt Fun.

“The idea behind this competition was to onboard new makers into the ecosystem, innovate on bitcoin and help new or existing projects incubate their ideas and turn dreams into reality. Other developer ecosystems are massive. We want to do our part to push bitcoin to compete with them”he said at the microphone of Cointelegraph.

Bolt Fun is convinced that Bitcoin offers the best development infrastructure for Web3

For his part, Edward Pratt, co-founder of the start-up said: “One way to get more people to participate and build on Bitcoin is to reach out to developers working in other ecosystems. We want to target people on the fringes of crypto and Web3 in this environment”.

The competition crowned Bitcoin startups Lightsats, Mutiny Wallet, and AgriMint as the winners of the various competition strands. The top prize was 3 BTC, or $50,000. A marginal reward, according to critics. For comparison, a Solana hackathon held this summer rewarded winners with $5 million.

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