Solana (SOL) performs well despite the crisis

If it was already considered one of the most efficient blockchains in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, Solana (SOL) is currently achieving its best performance. For example, according to Solana Exporter, a portal that checks the performance of the blockchain, the number of transactions carried out on it has reached a new record, and that’s not all.

A powerful blockchain

On Solana (SOL), according to the Solana Explorer team, the number of transactions has passed the 100 billion mark. But before achieving this performance, the blockchain had already achieved another in the second quarter of 2022. While the number of daily transactions it supported had reached 40 million, the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, on the other hand, did not there were only 35 million, or 5 million less. Obviously, the crisis that shook the market recently due to the collapse of the system of certain assets remains relatively without effect on Solana (SOL).

Admittedly, Solana (SOL) is becoming more and more efficient. However, it should not be forgotten that it is still currently in beta test mode. This situation could change, however, given the criticisms of network users. In this regard, analysts from believe that the Solana blockchain could see the arrival of new updates. These will make it possible to optimize its operation. For example, steps will be taken to resolve malfunction and spam issues.

Although it is one of the hottest blockchains right now, Solana (SOL) is not immune to problems. Among other things, the price of the SOL cryptocurrency has been falling over the past few months. Of the graphics show that since early September, the crypto has seen a series of ups and downs. However, it managed to stay within a price range between $24.5 and $47.

Despite the context of the crisis in the cryptocurrency market, the Solana (SOL) blockchain manages to achieve good performance. Above all, it succeeds in attracting investors. Solana shows good growth. Its price remains in a range between 24.5 dollars and 47 dollars.

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