These three crypto technologies are among the “big ideas” for 2023

On January 31, Ark Invest published its “Big Ideas 2023” annual report. This document contains bold predictions about smart contracts. There is talk of explosive growth in just a few years. The report estimates that smart contracts will generate an annual revenue of $450 billion by 2030.

Cathie Wood, CEO of Ark Invest, announces the publication of the “Big Ideas 2023” report

Ark Invest and its “Big Ideas” report

Ark Invest is an investment management company founded in 2014 by Cathie Woods. She specializes in technological innovations. Ark Invest’s objective is 5-year anticipation. More explicitly, it identifies macro trends in technological change in different sectors. The company invests in stocks whose value is likely to double over a period of 5 years. To do this, it relies on technology.

Each year, Ark Invest publishes a report entitled “Big Ideas”. It is more exactly an annual research report aimed at enlightening investors on the long-term impact of innovation. This year the Big Ideas 2023 was released on January 31. The report focuses on smart contracts.

The explosion of smart contracts, an inevitable phenomenon

According to the “Big Ideas 2023” report, the smart contract ecosystem could be worth $5.3 billion (market value). After various studies, researchers at Ark Invest have indeed come to the same conclusion: smart contracts could generate $450 billion in annual revenue.

For Ark Invest, this estimate is entirely possible. The reason is simple: the usefulness of smart contract networks is growing and diversifying. This explosive growth is a prediction shared with other companies, like CoinMetrics. In a report published on January 4, this analysis company also speaks of a boom in smart contracts. For this famous crypto data provider, this explosion of the smart contract market will even take place this year.

A number of indices predict an explosion of smart contracts within a few years. Let’s not forget, however, that crypto is a volatile market. Predictions don’t always come true. To be continued…

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