Shiba Inu (SHIB): Close to the moon?

The champagne should be flowing from the developers of Shiba Inu and the ShibArmy. The reason ? Recent statistics posted by the ” dog killer “. To give you an idea of ​​the magnitude of the victory, know that the SHIB is now at the 12e ranking position of CoinGecko. With a market cap of $9,217,641,650, the memecoin will shake its other opponents, including Dogecoin.

The night was sweet for the SHIB


This is the cry frequently used by the Army of Shiba in the event of a symbolic advance. And it’s been raining “woof” on Twitter Reddit since yesterday.

Indeed, the statistics seemed lenient for the SHIB on the day of August 14. The reasons are multiple, namely the achievement of a market capitalization of 10 billion dollars. WatcherGuru praised it in a tweet dated the same day at 7:45 PM.

Lucie Sasinkova, a very famous influencer of the Shiba Inu community, did not fail to provide details on this by tweeting:

The value of SHIB increases by $1.5 billion in 24 hours and the samecoin gains 22%. »

Woof woof!

The victory does not stop there for the Shiba Inu. Its price also climbed 19.87% to $0.00001607. Say a coin was trading at 0.00001732 at 7:15 p.m. CoinGecko.

In short, there are always zeros to eliminate before reaching the 1 cent, but observers estimate that a bullish rally of 50% seems more than likely. So for the SHIB, the bear run is just ancient history.

Woof woof woof!

The Shiba Inu took the opportunity to beat the canine-themed cryptocurrency that is Dogecoin. On the ranking of the best crypto currencies, the memecon so dear to Elon Musk has not budged, still at the 10e position. But when it comes to the number of Twitter followers, Shiba claims the sympathy of enthusiasts, with 3.44 million followers to his name (compared to 3.43 million for Dogecoin).

Dogecoin vs. Shiba Inu: Follower Count

What to make the main developer Shytoshi Kusama happy.

What are the levers of this “great performance”?

We can mention among others:

  • the launch of the test of Shiba Eternity, the famous long-awaited game of Shiba Inu, in Vietnam, to which the analysts of FXStreet prophesied a rise of up to $0.00001550 for the SHIB;
  • the hyperactivity of whales on the SHIB last weekend, reported by Saniment. 433 transactions worth more than $100,000 were recorded during the same period, the highest number in 4 months;
  • the recurrences of burn of SHIB, supported by a VISA Shibburn card intended for this purpose. Since the birth of the Shiba Inu in 2020, nearly $6.36 million worth of SHIB tokens have been minted. burn ;
  • the listing of SHIB in several platforms such as Binance Card: which will authorize payment in more than 60 million businesses around the world;
  • the possibility of paying employees in SHIB, recently made official;
  • future innovations, to name only Shibarium, Shib: The Metaverse…;
  • the explosion of BONE ShibaSwap, the rewards token associated with the layer 2 project Shibarium;
  • etc

The allegations made against the Shiba Inu, to name only the ” pump and dump » or the 2030 apocalypse also have something to do with it. If their only objectives are to tarnish the image of the memecointhey also contribute to make it more and more popular.

It is clear that cryptocurrencies are gradually emerging from the winter that has made it suffer since the beginning of 2022. Even the bitcoin that Peter Schiff had just devalued to $10,000 was trading at $24,090.08 at the time of writing this article. What about Dogecoin? Also it experienced a 15% increase for the day of August 14th. There is no doubt that we will put a cross on this last bear run soon.

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