Sam Altman presents Worldcoin, the ultimate shitcoin

Sam Altman, known for creating ChatGPT, is also behind a shitcoin named Worldcoin. Did you say strange?


The CEO of OpenAI recently appeared before the US Senate to discuss the disruptions brought by artificial intelligence for many industries. Sam Altman has notably advocated for the regulation of AI and supported the idea of ​​a government licensing system for certain AIs.

Fortune magazine is not surprised by this plea for regulation. “Tech companies know that regulation will come sooner or later and it is better to take the lead in shaping it to their advantage”can we read.

What raises more questions is that people like Sam Altman and ELon Musk warn of the dangers of AI while aggressively funding it. This contradiction suggests that this fear is purposely maintained.

Indeed, AI can easily impersonate real humans and influence elections. Such a risk could contribute to the rise of things like biometric digital identities that CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currency) may well use.

Moreover, Sam Altman has just launched Worldcoin. It is a shitcoin “inclusive” which will be accessible to anyone who scans their iris in the Orb.

“The Orb verifies that a person is real and unique, or that they have not already registered with Worldcoin. It does this by capturing and processing images of a person and their iris.can we read on the Worldcoin website.

Worldcoin is described there as a “new collectively owned global currency, based on Ethereum, which will be distributed fairly to as many people as possible”.


The day before Altman testified before the Senate, the FinancialTimes reported that Worldcoin was “on the cusp of securing approximately $100 million in funding for its iris-scanning Orb project to create the Worldcoin cryptocurrency ».

Apparently it’s done. The fundraising campaigns took place this week in London, Paris and Warsaw. Note that Sam Bankman-Fried wanted to be in it. The same one who founded FTX, the famous exchange that held 0 bitcoin…

Worldcoin is dangling a universal basic income to compensate for job losses caused by AI. The company promises to distinguish between humans and bots by providing unique biometric identifiers.

Once the user has undergone a biometric iris scan, they are assigned a “World ID”. This ID will allow you to receive 25 worldcoins for free when it is launched.

Worldcoin could become “a platform that anyone can use to prove their identity”, says a Worldcoin employee in an interview given at MIT. Therein lies the promise of Worldcoin: if successful, this protocol could become a universal authentication method.

In this case, the currency itself could appreciate in value. “Investors hope that the Worldcoin project will bring value to the world and as a result, worldcoins will increase in value”the company said in an emailed statement.

One cannot help but compare this antithesis of Bitcoin with CBDCs. As well as the multitude of biometric digital identification programs promoted by the United Nations and the World Economic Forum.

Two organizations in which Bill Gates’ projects such as Better than Cash Alliance Or ID2020. The first aims to make cash disappear and the second to promote the use of a digital identity.

These are the first bricks of a totalitarian surveillance system with the dystopia of social credit in sight. All while using a shitcoin as bait…

Altman at the Biderberg

Just days after testifying before the US Senate, Sam Altman went to Bilderberg.

He was able to join other AI supporters. And in particular the CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella. Or the former CEO of Google Eric Schmidt who is also a member of the management committee of the Bilderberg group.

Eric Schmidt is also the head of Joe Biden’s National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence. He is also a friend of Henry Kissinger. The two co-authored a book in 2021 titled “The Age of AI: And Our Human Future”.

His relationship with Henry Kissinger should worry us about the turn that the conversation on artificial intelligence is taking. As such, Elon Musk expects all governments to use AI to develop weapons.

Would Mr. Musk have the idea of ​​manufacturing armies of drones and robots driven by artificial intelligence?

“Explosive-equipped drones that autonomously decide who should be killed and who should not. The next step for war machines?

No doubt NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba would not be against it. Both were obviously present in Lisbon.

And given the number of world events shaped by the Bilderberg Group (petrodollar), there is cause for concern.

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