Russia annexes internet to Ukraine

The Russian-Ukrainian war continues! While the affair is less noisy than at its beginnings, the inhabitants continue to suffer the assaults of the Russian armed forces. After numerous attacks, Russia attacks this time the Internet network of Kherson and the things worsen.

Kherson under Russian control!

Russia and Ukraine are not ready to bury the hatchet. After more than five months of invasion, things do not seem to calm down. On the contrary, the country of Vladimir Putin is renewing its strategies to better take control of the country of Zelensky. Indeed, a few weeks after invading the city of Kherson in southern Ukraine, Russian soldiers took control of the region’s internet network.

The latter broke into the offices of internet service providers and demanded that they give up their networks. According to statements by industry and government officials, Russian authorities then redirected internet and mobile data through Russian networks.

By this gesture, Russia gives a big blow to Ukraine since from now on, Moscow monitors all the telecommunications of the inhabitants of Kherson. Indeed, some social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram have been blocked. In addition, residents of the city are forced to use Russian mobile service providers. However, it is not only Kherson that suffers all these inconveniences.

When Russia takes control of Ukraine’s internet services

Since the start of the war, Russia has gained control of southern and eastern Ukraine. Indeed, many cities are now under the control of Moscow. cities like Mariupol and Melitopol are experiencing the same difficulties as Kherson. Russian soldiers are gradually starting to occupy the cyberspace of certain areas and this is having serious repercussions.

In addition to restricting access to information on the war, this strategy also affects the humanitarian plan. Witnesses told The New York Times that the bombings flattened villages and towns. Indeed, civilians have been tortured, detained and killed and stocks of medicines and food are dwindling.

To maintain their supremacy over the occupied areas, Russian forces are destroying the infrastructure that linked them to the rest of Ukraine and to the global web. Russia’s censorship and hijacking of the Ukrainian internet has rarely been seen around the world.

The country has even imposed excessive metric censorship in parts of Ukraine. Indeed, the Donetsk and Kherson regions no longer have access to YouTube, Google and the Viber messaging service.

Russia’s censorship of the Ukrainian internet is on the rise. However, some providers do not see things the same way since they prefer to sabotage their networks rather than leave them in the hands of Russian forces. Additionally, internet and mobile services remained intact in parts of Ukraine. However, Russia could divert even more traffic in the future despite the contribution of SpaceX, the private company ofElon Musk.

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