Ripple (XRP): New perspective in France!

While the crypto sector is still struggling to get out of the downtrend, Ripple (XRP) is chaining collaborations. Indeed, the platform continues its expansion in Europe. The ODL is growing and these two new partnerships prove it!

Lemonway and Xbaht integrate on-demand liquidity

The downward trend continues inexorably and during this time, companies operating in the cryptocurrency sector are constantly seeking to reinvent themselves. Today, Ripple the leader in enterprise blockchain and crypto solutions, adds two new partnerships.

The latter has partnered with Lemonway, a Paris-based payment provider. As a result, it becomes its very first on-demand liquidity (ODL) client in France. This collaboration comes at a time when France is really starting to take an interest in blockchain technology. The association with Ripple is very advantageous for the payment provider.

This can now improve its cash payment processes, but also improve operational efficiency by eliminating the need to pre-fund offshore accounts. Thanks to RippleNet’s ODL, it will be able to scale and grow more easily.

xbaht is also added to the list of new partners. By partnering with Ripple (XRP), the Swedish money transfer provider will be able to offer instant and cost-effective remittances via ODL. According to statements by Ripple Europe’s Managing Director, Sendi Young, XRP and its new partners will make cross-border payments in France and Sweden easier than ever thanks to RippleNet’s financial technology.

Ripple (XRP), always more effort to reach the top

Ripple is the undisputed leader in blockchain, and crypto enterprise solutions and its notoriety precedes it internationally. With On-Demand Liquidity (ODL), the company looks forward to helping its customers scale their businesses. As always, RippleNet uses blockchain technology to help its partners accelerate the performance and scale of their business.

This solution appears to be working, as its annual payment volume execution rate now exceeds $15 billion. Additionally, the ODL increased ninefold year-over-year in the second quarter of 2022.

Michael Andersen, the CEO of Xbaht, is rather optimistic about this partnership. According to him, the latter will make international money transfers more transparent, faster and reliable, but less expensive.

The demand for Ripple products is very high in Europe, as many people are beginning to see the importance of blockchain. And now, XRP’s ODL enables payments in over 25 markets. With this partnership, Lemonway and Xbaht join other companies such as FOMO Pay, SBI Remit and many more.

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