Ripple vs SEC: discreet removal of Hinman's biography from the SEC site!

William Hinman is no ordinary individual for players in the crypto industry. In a speech given in 2018, he said that Ethereum is not a security. A pro-crypto position that could play a role in Ripple’s announced victory.

Discreet withdrawal of Hinman’s biography, an incoherent choice?

As the crypto industry grows impatient with the outcome of the legal battle between Ripple and the SEC, one event catches the eye. The US stock market regulator has removed William Hinman’s full biography from its website.

Indeed, the biography of this former executive of the SEC, formerly detailed, has been reduced to its smallest expression. In any case, it emerges news leaked Monday June 5. They underline a laconic display of the career of the former chief financial officer of the SEC.

From now on, only a few meager lines are devoted to the career of the former chief financial officer of the SEC. The institution’s website only mentions the short stay of the financier, between May 2017 and December 2020.

But as a saying goes, nothing really gets erased from the internet. Data from the earlier version of the SEC site provided by the firm Internet Archive confirms this. According to the latter, Hinman’s detailed biography was still available on Thursday, February 9.

Until that date, the SEC website fully mentioned William Hinman’s background. His beginnings on the editorial board of the Cornell Law Review in law school are clearly indicated. Ditto for his experience at the Silicon Valley law firm of Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP as a partner.

The question is to know what could have motivated such an initiative. Asked about the issue, the SEC has not yet delivered any plausible explanation. But the situation intrigues players in the crypto industry. Because Hinman is the only former executive of the SEC affected by this change.

In the absence of a logical explanation, some users have indulged in speculation. The SEC removed Bill Hinman’s biography from its website and is about to throw him under the bus”in particular quipped the tweet Mr. Huber.

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