Ripple vs SEC: 4 possible scenarios!

The crypto industry is eagerly awaiting the decision ending the legal battle between Ripple and the SEC. In the meantime, analysts are prospecting the different turns that the case could take. Although several give Ripple the winner.

Four possible scenarios for the Ripple vs SEC case

The court ruling in the case between the SEC and Ripple is coming soon. In the meantime, the speculations about the outcome of the lawsuit do not stop. On Tuesday, April 11, John Deaton, a strong advocate for XRP, Ripple’s native token, took part in the exercise.

The lawyer sees only four possible outcomes to the case. One of them, a victory of the stock market policeman. This possibility would be a big surprise. According to Deaton, such an option is unlikely in the current circumstances. The reason is that the SEC failed to demonstrate that XRP is a security.

In another case, the expected court decision would put the parties back to back. Such a scenario would be for a jury to deliver its interpretation of the case and possibly decide the case. This option cannot be ruled out. Just like that of the improbable defeat of Ripple.

According to this configuration, justice could decide that the crypto firm would have violated securities laws. A violation that would cover, in a specific way, a given period. This, without implying that XRP would today have the nature of a security.

But it’s definitely a win ” pure and simple “ of Ripple which seems to mobilize the most certainties. In this case, explains the jurist, the judge would declare “that there is no investment contract involved, that there is no obligation to sell after customs clearance”.

For John Deaton, Ripple would therefore be heading for a certain victory. This, even if the company remains open to an amicable settlement. “Ripple has already agreed to settle the matter. Their General Counsel and CEO have publicly stated that they will settle the matter immediately if the SEC agrees to continue the secondary market sales,” recalled the lawyer.

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