Presidential elections in Turkey: cryptos, a major political issue?

Presidential elections in Türkiye are scheduled for today. These electoral contests have a particular flavor this year with two candidates, fiercely opposed. A particularly remarkable position on the issue of cryptos, which suddenly became a major electoral issue.

Bitcoin: electoral bone of contention between Erdogan and Kilicdaroglu?

Bitcoin and cryptos at the heart of the electoral issues in Turkey… Who would have believed it? Yet this is what seems to be taking shape for this country. Indeed, the Turkish population will go to the polls. A civic duty that will once again designate the strong man who will preside over the country’s destiny.

But Sunday’s presidential elections May 14 could have a very particular flavor, if not historical. That of an arduous battle in a global context of deleterious economic and financial crisis. This, against the backdrop of a potential victory for bitcoin (BTC) and cryptos.

Because it is a fact. The possible election of Kemal Kilicdaroglu, the challenger of the current Turkish President Recep Erdogan, will certainly herald the new dawn of cryptos in Turkey. Indeed, unlike the leader, the opponent is a fervent follower of cryptos in general. Kilicdaroglu is convinced of their impact in resolving the thorny financial crisis that Turkey is going through.

Will the challenger have the opportunity to put his convictions into action? For now, some polls show him winning with 49% of voting intentions against 43% for Erdogan. And as if to add spice and announce the colors of his potential mandate, Kilicdaroglu declared in particular:

“As soon as we are in power, we will lift the ban on PayPal and develop Web 3.0 platforms. Entrepreneurial ecosystems will be our main actors. We will end the economic, scientific and political interregnum in Türkiye. A country where our entrepreneurs and young people can live freely is very close. We will get there with the brightest minds in the world and in our country.”

This file is to be followed very closely. Especially since in Brazil, for example, it was an enthusiastic crypto, President Lula, who won the recent presidential elections.

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