NFTs with unlimited lifetime access?  Yes, thanks Defiolio!

Defiolio is a pioneer in its field, in more ways than one. It is a true decentralized hub, where users can not only view their assets (as in most cases), but also manage and interact with them. From farms and pools to NFTs, and everything in between, there’s something for everyone. With currently 20 supported channels and over 160 currencies, there is plenty to discover and explore. Considering everything going on there, you’d think things would be crowded. Fortunately, the user interface has been well thought out and remains simple to use. Seasoned professionals and newcomers alike will feel right at home.

A tailor-made NFT

Defiolio therefore offers a service, and to use a service, you need an access device. This is where the NFT with lifetime access cross/multi-chain come into play.

Cross-chain and multi-chain? What does it mean ? Good question, when it comes to multi-chain, as opposed to typical boring single-chain mints, this NFT can be minted on six different blockchains…because, why not? These are Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Cronos, Polygon and Fantom. It’s a hell of a name. When it comes to cross-chaining, everything gets even more interesting. Whatever channel a user hits on, they can easily and effortlessly send it to any of the other five channels for any reason.

Which is refreshing, because DeFi is supposed to represent freedom of choice, and today there are too many limitations in place. Not only do they grant lifetime access, but they also grant users 25% of the profits made on (future) subscriptions! Which is, so to speak, unheard of. You don’t need to be a genius to understand that the success of Defiolio is also the success of the holders of NFTs with lifetime access and its users. Who doesn’t like feeling VIP by getting early access and a feature beta test before everyone else? Yet another exclusive benefit of having lifetime access to Defiolio.

As if that weren’t enough, users will also have access to a private, uncluttered and efficient RPC. Finally, NFT holders will be able to participate in monthly giveaways. Which should bring a little more suspense to the experience. This limited collection includes just 12,000 NFTs across six channels, with a maximum of 5 per channel, for a grand total of 30 per wallet.

Usefulness, value and effectiveness

Many projects use such words, but unfortunately they don’t walk the talk. Defiolio, on the other hand, stands tall and proud in the matter. Gone are the days of spending endless hours loading DApp after DApp, reading whitepapers for days, and following enough Twitter accounts to make even the most sociable people dizzy. With Defiolio, all you need is two tabs and a few minutes.

Defiolio therefore arrives to reverse our habits. Goodbye boredom, hello simplified cross-chain and multi-chain. To not miss any news on the project, you can follow the company on Discord, Twitter and Youtube.

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