NFTs will revolutionize the Blockchain according to the CEO of Aptos Labs

Mohammad Shaikh is the co-founder of Aptos, a Tier 1 Blockchain. According to him, NFTs will be used as a means of payment in the future. Indeed, he also believes they will become premium assets through partnerships with major brands.

Coindesk relaying the words of the CEO of Aptos Labs that NFTs could be used as a means of payment.

NFTs more than just collectibles?

Several NFT collections have sold for tens to millions of dollars. Yet most people continue to view them as mere collectibles. Participant in a show Coindeskthe CEO of Aptos said: The way we think about NFTs pushes the boundaries of what we’ve seen in previous generation blockchains. ” In the past, ” you couldn’t really take them [NFTs] through different protocols [and] platforms. »

First of all, let’s remember that Aptos’ native cryptocurrency is one of the best performing at the start of the year. Indeed from 1er January to date, it was up 350% until reaching its highest price at $16.46 at the start of the weekend.

On the other hand, NFTs represent assets that allow their holders to prove that they actually own a digital item. Indeed, some platforms already allow NFTs to be moved from one game to another. Thus, they can be used as accessories, weapons or game characters. Shaikh thinks that we could push the limits and use NFTs as means of payment. ” You can now exchange economic value, you can connect with creators. You may be empowered to do so in a way that no entity controls.,” Shaikh said.

Aptos, a futuristic Blockchain

Shaikh said Aptos puts users and developers first. It is remembered that several users were concerned that the distribution of APT tokens from Aptos was made in favor of investors and the foundation.

We’ve really pushed the boundaries of what we think an equal cast should look like .,” Shaikh said. He goes on to say: For people like investors, we have one of the lowest distributions for any investor on any protocol at launch“.

In sum, 2023 has only just begun, but many innovative projects have already seen the light of day. We will have plenty of time to see if NFTs will have the expected potential.

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