NFT: The Islamic State adopts them to strengthen its propaganda

The NFT industry is subject to several scam attempts on a daily basis. Since the beginning of the current year, the scammers have stolen almost 100 million dollars. Quite impressive figures which push the actors of the sector to redouble their vigilance or almost. In such a context, there are advertisements that can turn sour and Rug Pull Finder (RPF) has learned this the hard way. Indeed, the NFT audit structure (whose role is to verify the reliable projects and those to avoid) was the victim of a hacking during the launch of the Whitelist collection of the Bad Guys project.

Rug Pull Finder NFT Contract Abused By Two Scammers

Bad Guys Project NFT Collection Hacked

Last weekend, the Rug Pull Finder (RPF) NFT audit team decided to formalize Bad Guys Project Whitelist. The structure has set up 1221 random characters who were to play the role of NFT scammers in a somewhat ironic context, except that the humor gave way to bitterness. Because the project fell through and RPF, the structure in charge of control, took it for its rank. At the origin of this failure, a bug, as the auditor pointed out a few moments later on his twitter account. RPF did not bother to check the transaction code before putting it online. The sanction was immediate, two crooks were able to afford up to 450 NFTs out of the 1,221 possiblewhile only one NFT was possible per wallet.

After this vulnerability, the team immediately mobilized to correct the malfunction. The auditor’s team Rug Pull Finder opened negotiations with scammers. She offered them a sum of 2.5 Ethers to take possession of 330 non-fungible Tokens.

Rug Pull Finder’s Mea Culpa Doesn’t Erase Doubts About His Credibility

According to information in our possession, the surveillance team could have prevented this feat from happening. As a reminder, an anonymous source drew his attention to the flaws in the project 30 minutes before the attack. RPF claims to be responsible for this hack and makes its mea-culpa: “After reviewing it with three totally different development groups, we had no idea the credibility of the knowledge that was sent to us… We were clearly wrong and we are really, really sorry. » A reaction that arouses respect among some Internet users and doubt among others. Either way, the NFT industry remains highly vulnerable. You have to stay on the alert to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

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