NFT: Epic Games Store announces the platform's first Web3 game!

Unlike its competitors, Timothy D. Sweeney has made it known that NFT games are welcome on the Epic Games Store. A year after the founder of Epic Games made this statement, the first Web3 game is coming to the platform.

Block Party Blankos, the first Web3 game on the Epic Games Store

Last June, Mythical Games already announced that its flagship game Blankos Block Party will debut on the Epic Games Store. It is a title that uses non-fungible tokens (NFT) to authenticate digital products (avatar styles, accessories…). Mythical Games, an American company that develops blockchain-based games, launched the beta version of this game in 2020. Blankos Block Party is now available in Early Access on the platform until its full release on September 28th.

Announcing the release of Block Party Blankos on the Epic Games Store.

According to Mythical Games, Blankos Block Party now has more than a million players. This game does not have its own crypto token. Furthermore, no mining is required to produce or include NFTs in the market. Instead, players purchase in-game items using a credit card or cryptocurrency. Characters also come with NFTs. And these can be sold in the store and outside the Epic Games Store.

Understanding Web3 Games (NFT Games)

Web3 games, also known as NFT games, are quite different from those offered on conventional platforms. Already, these blockchain-based games are decentralized. But also and above all, they offer self-sovereignty. Simply put, Web3 games offer complete ownership of digital assets to players and administrators via NFTs.

With its availability on the platform, Blankos Block Party hopes to give impetus to the development of the Web3 game industry. Epic Games Store also plans to develop this market. Other titles are already planned. Besides, the game GRIT from Gala Games should have been the first NFT game launched on the platform. But its development has lagged. The launch on the Epic Games Store is postponed until later.

Mythical Games hopes to leverage the popularity of the Epic Games Store platform to democratize its flagship title and Web3 games. In the meantime, Blankos Block Party is already taking advantage of this inclusion. The floor price of its NFTs would have increased by more than 600% after its appearance on the legendary Epic Games store.

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