NFT: Apple Inc.  and Coinbase towards a new showdown?

Bad news for all traders and investors using the iOS system. Now, sending and/or receiving NFTs through the Coinbase Wallet iOS app is impossible. Coinbase, one of the largest crypto exchange platforms, has made several outings on its Twitter account to present this fact. For its part, Apple says nothing, but seems stubborn to continue its momentum.

Coinbase announces suspension of payments via Coinbase Wallet iOS

Coinbase and Apple Inc. are they at war over NFTs?

Nothing is going well between the Apple brand and the Coinbase crypto platform. Indeed, Thursday 1er December 2022, the exchange said in a tweet: “You may have noticed that you can no longer send NFTs to Coinbase Wallet iOS”. According to the exchange, Apple has blocked the very latest version of the app until the feature is disabled.

Because, Apple wish that gas fees required to send NFTs are paid through their in-app purchase system, so they can collect 30%. The response from the exchange was not long in coming, as it believes that this request is simply not possible. She adds that: “Apple’s proprietary in-app purchase system doesn’t support crypto, so we couldn’t comply even if we tried”. In the process, she asks Apple to reduce the cost of each email sent through its open internet protocols.

Otherwise, Coinbase implored Apple for helpr and acknowledged in a tweet that NFT’s decision was an oversight. A commendable initiative when we know that last August, Coinbase suffered a massive loss of a billion dollars in the second quarter. Additionally, due to a lack of usage, the Coinbase exchange is stopping support for XRP, Ethereum Classic, Stellar Lumen, and bitcoin.


In sum, we will have more details in our next publications, since Apple INC and Coinbase have not left any official comments about this crisis. Everything suggests that stormy weather is brewing in the world of NFTs for users of the iOS system.

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