Napster aims to revolutionize the music industry with Web3

Napster resurfaced a few months ago, but it’s already making headlines. Wanting at all costs to impose itself on the Web3 market, it continues to bring new innovations. Its main target: the general public, and especially great music lovers. At its head, Jon Vlassopulos and Garett Hughes as advisor, Napster has just acquired the startup Mint Songs.

Napster buys music platform Mint Songs to take its first step into Web3

Napster aims to offer the general public access to Web3 music

Napster is an online music store that resurfaced in September 2022. Led by Jon Vlassopulos, the new Napster Ventures is more focused on promoting, investing and acquiring top Web3 music startups.

The acquisition of Mint Songs marks the first step in achieving this goal. It will also be the basis of the company’s first Web3 offerings. In June 2022, in fact, Napster announcement its move to blockchain with a plan to launch a token using the Algorand blockchain.

Mint Songs, the perfect startup for Napster

Mint Songs is both a developer and a music market operator. Its purpose is to strengthen the relationship between an artist and his fans. This startup has developed a technology allowing artists to create songs. But not only ! It also allows artists to submit various NFT items.

Mint Songs has collaborated with renowned artists, including Grammatik and Blake Dave. The company has also raised $4.3 million from investors like Freestyle Capital and Castle Island Ventures.

All this to say that the acquisition of Mint Songs can only be beneficial for Napster. This will indeed allow him to realize his project: to conquer the Web3. Note that the two parties were required to disclose the acquisition value of Mint Song.

By purchasing Mint Songs, Napster unquestionably becomes a central player in the Web3 music ecosystem. But she does not intend to stop there. This acquisition is only the beginning in its conquest of Web3.

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