Moria, Tether's bitcoin (BTC) mining platform begins to take shape

Mining bitcoins differently and helping certain countries to develop is one of Tether’s objectives. To show seriousness, the issuer of the stable cryptocurrency USDT has set up a BTC mining platform to whom he gave the name “Moria”. And he will test this new device soon. Big plan !

In short

  • Tether launches the test phase of Moria, its Bitcoin mining platform
  • These measures ” almost magical » will include a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) approach and marry Internet of Things (IoT) technology

Tether democratizes bitcoin mining on Moria

Crypto skeptics may criticize Tether for the instability of its stablecoin USDT, but that does not stop it from innovating. Let’s not forget that this crypto company knows how to work in complete discretion.

Moria, Tether’s BTC mining platform will soon be tested

Testing Tether for the bitcoin mining platform with the first containers and miners.

All PDU management, interaction with miners (adjust frequency, power, etc.) are now completely controlled by software.

All writing actions require a multisig approval.

All P2P. Perfect for IoT.

It’s almost magical. »

Almost elliptical, this publication by Paolo Ardoino, technical director of Tether, was taken up by Crypto News. Here is how this crypto media described the event: Tether will begin on testing its bitcoin mining platform, Moria. And at this moment, the crypto company has successfully deployed mining devices and miners who will work for the said platform.

Also, Tether has taken into account the management of PDUs from the BTC Moria mining installation. As well as interaction with other players in bitcoin mining.

Below is another clarification from Paul Ardoino on Moria.

Some details from Paolo Ardoino on Moria

The Tether development team is almost finished creating the well-polished javascript libraries for controlling and interacting with whatsminers, antminers and avalon miners.

It’s very high quality work, super modular, very careful. I’m directly coding the basic architecture of our Moria mining farm orchestration tool. It’s all based on Holepunch technology.

It will eventually be extended to also cover monitoring of energy production.

It might be wise to open some some parts open source. »

BTC mining combining security and sustainability

Moria has features that other Bitcoin mining platforms do not have. Safety is one of them. Tether, through the deployment of this new mining device, is banking on robust security protocols requiring a multisignature approval with each writing action.

This concept of “multisig”, Vitalik Buterin did not forget it during his intervention during the 6e edition of the ETHCC in Paris.

The goal of Tether, which combined P2P with IoT with Moria, is to develop another form of communication in the world of bitcoin (BTC) mining.

Once erected, this mining platform will be both resistant to cryptocurrency hacking and profitable.

Crypto News also clarified that Tether counts revolutionize Bitcoin technology. Also, promoting sustainable bitcoin mining is among its priorities. This is sure to positively impact financial infrastructure and open communication for developing countries like Uruguay.

Furthermore, Tether’s choice to invest in Holepunch and open-source hardware wallets demonstrates its commitment to freedom of expression and open-source technologies.

Over the past two years, I have been in good contact with regulators who are 100% interested in creatinga safe environment for cryptocurrencies (especially altcoins) and blockchain technology are thriving », always specifies Paolo Ardoino.

The latter did not fail to challenge the regulators who are targeting cryptocurrencies. However, the regulation of existing financial structures such as bitcoin mining facilities is also their responsibility. Moreover, Gary Gensler has often been singled out for his aggressive actions towards the crypto industry.

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