Monaco: Women enter Web3

The Monacovisions association organized a conference on January 18, 2023 in Monaco for the launch of the Techy Girls channel. The goal of this channel is to make it easier for women to understand new technologies like Web3, blockchain and NFTs.

Web3 women are still few

  • According to the Gender Scan 2022 studywomen accounted for only 17% of digital jobs in 2020 compared to 15% in 2018 within the European Union.
  • This problem of distribution also arises for positions of responsibility in the ecosystem. According to a Fire Tech study as of August 2021, only 10% of CEOs among the top 50 global tech companies are women.
  • This disparity between men and women is growing in the world of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. According to the Association for the Development of Digital Assets (ADAN), chaired by Faustine Fleuretout of the 196 member companies of this association, only 27 companies are run by women.
Distribution of leaders within ADAN representing women in Web3
First bitcoin coin issued, representing the growing value of this new digital currency – Source: @ByThorisLausset, via Pixabay
  • According to the study ArtTactic, female artists accounted for only 5% of all NFT art sales. However, there are successful collections with founding women such as: World of Women, The Flower Girls, Women and Weapons, Girlies, Women Rise, Rebel Society…;
  • This disparity in the ecosystem goes against the very core principle of decentralization that everyone has equal access to contribute to Web3. Moreover, no one can be excluded;
  • However, more and more voices are being raised. Organizations are being created to support the presence of women in these new technologies. In addition, Web3 influencers, like Agathe Davray, regularly highlight women in the ecosystem.
Tweet from influencer Agathe Davray on Web3 influencers.

What does the Techy Girls channel offer?

Based on the observation that there are few women in the tech professions, the association Monacovisions decided to launch the Techy Girls channel.

  • This YouTube channel will offer short videos aimed at young women who wish to learn about Web3;
  • The goal is to define the basics of the ecosystem (what is a blockchain, an NFT, a smart contract, a digital wallet, etc.), to help overcome prejudices and show that the sector is full of opportunities for women;
  • In addition, in Monaco, workshops will be held (on request) for schoolgirls wishing to learn more about getting started with Web3. Among other things, they will be able to learn how to create their own avatars;
  • The association already accompanies female artists for the creation of their first NFT;
  • A first collection was presented at the launch of the Techy Girls channel;
  • The proceeds from the sale of these NFTs on the Coinbase platform will go to the artists, and a share will be donated to the association to help volunteers manage the various projects.


Nowadays, the stereotype, according to which jobs related to new technologies are reserved for men, persists.. However, there are more and more voices rising to raise awareness and put an end to prejudice. Women will bring added value to new technologies in their own way.

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