Metaverse: The Land Mint of Oxya Origin live!

Thing promised, thing due. Oxya Origin’s long-awaited Land Mint is currently underway. If you don’t want to miss any of this opportunity, here is some information to remember.

Oxya Origin, the land mint now authorized

On October 5, the Oxya Origin team announced that the Land Mint relating to this metaverse project will take place today.

Announcement of the Land Mint of Oxya on October 5

Mint this Sunday, October 9 at 4:00 p.m. CET.

Mine the resources of your Lands, craft items and build your empire.

It’s time to enter a new era. »

Another tweet posted today confirms the appointment.

The Land Mint of Oxya Origin, H-2

Mint H-2

Today is your only chance to mint a playable land and earn 3 ETH.

Follow only the official links of our Discord and our Twitter.

Where are you going to reside? »

Note that during this Land Mint, those who want to support the project can buy a Land (or Gate of Oxya) and earn a place in the Landlist. Then, they will be given a reward of 3 ETH at the end of this purchase.

Reward chances and mint price by level

In an article published on Medium on October 5, Oxya Origin gave this clarification:

The higher the purchase price of a Land, the greater the chances of getting an ETH reward. As Dutch auction prices decrease, the chances of winning ETH also increase. »

Also note that whoever presses the “Mint & Stake” button will have a better chance of winning the promised reward. Whoever just presses “Mint Only” will get less.

The Land Mint scheduled to take place on the site of Oxya Origin will end on October 16th.

Oxya Origin, the first aesthetic metaverse

As a reminder, Oxya Origin is a metaverse collaborative game allowing players to earn money in the form of tokens, OKYA. This Play-to-Earn third-person shooter and land strategy game allows you to conquer LANDS, have social experiences and also participate in the governance of the game. Also, it is conducive to crafting weapons, of equipment and also the use or exchange of these in order to dominate the TPS games or to make a profit in the market.

Oxya Origin, the gameplay

The particularity of Oxya Origin lies in:

  • its development on Unreal Engine 5, coupled with Immutable X, with a view to facilitating free gas exchanges on Ethereum;
  • an incubation in Station F with the help of Ubisoft:
  • a Land Mint giving access to Lands, the basis of Oxya’s Play & Earn ecosystem;
  • two game formats: PvE (Player versus Environment) and PvP (Player versus Player);
  • a plurality of challenges;
  • three planets with different atmospheres: Kryo, Luxion and Naya;
  • etc

Announced in December 2021, Oxya Origin aims to become the first metaverse collaborative game that will allow players to earn money on the Ethereum blockchain. In addition, they will be able to experience a unique adventure by completing quests, exploiting fungible resources (Alkar, Steevlar, Electrium, etc.) or even setting out to conquer territories. No player will encounter any boredom on Oxya Origin as it forms a diverse ecosystem.

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