Mastercard and Binance, ever more excessive ambitions!

We all know Mastercard’s craze for cryptocurrencies in recent months. However, Michael Miebach is thinking big. After his collaboration with Binance for the launch of a crypto card in Argentina, the CEO of the company has just confirmed his disproportionate vision of the payment service.

Mastercard plans to expand its crypto services

More institutions are seeing the potential of digital assets, and Mastercard is no exception. Indeed, the CEO of the company, Michael Miebach, shows an unparalleled enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies. After a first successful experience with Binance, CZ’s crypto business, the interbank service company intends to repeat the experience.

But this time things will be different as he hopes to expand crypto services across the globe. The latter spoke on LinkedIn about cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. According to him, if the blockchain becomes more accessible and easy to use, its potential will finally be revealed. And this goes through routine purchases that would be facilitated by his company.

In his publication, Miebach has declared that it worked with Binance to enable crypto purchases at over 90 million stores. As a result, all network merchants could indirectly accept digital assets, being settled in fiat.

When blockchain invades institutions

The evolution of cryptos leaves no one indifferent. Even as the crypto winter drags on, more and more people are looking for ways to mine the blockchain. To this effect, Mastercard has joined the ranks. According to him, the blockchain industry will reach heights in a few years.

Thus, he thinks that unlike interbank services which will soon be out of date, the blockchain will be well established within five years. The more time passes, the more the crypto sector gains ground. Despite the fact that most cryptocurrencies have lost more than 50% of their value, enthusiasm for the underlying technology continues to grow.

The CEO of Mastercard keeps the same position vis-à-vis cryptos and the blockchain. The extension of the crypto winter does not seem to have an effect on him. Indeed, Michael Miebach intends to continue in the cryptocurrency sector with Binance. Why stop a collaboration that worked so well. Now, there is a strong chance that digital assets will take over the global economy!

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