Marc Andreessen responds 'harshly' to crypto critics in his book

The ambition of billionaire venture capitalist Marc Andreessen is to champion the crypto industry. Which is why he responds to criticism of this industry by presenting his crypto investing playbook. Find out all about this masterpiece.

Valuation of venture capital

During a new interview on The Lunar Society podcast, Marc Andreessen makes a startling revelation. Indeed, it makes it known that it invests in the crypto sector in the same wake as other venture capital investments. According to him, you have to rely on founders who are fairly sharp and have a vision.

In addition, they must have the determination to pursue it. This is of paramount importance for a new startup that wishes to integrate into a market. On the other hand, it is a question of entering into each crypto investment having the same time frame as a venture capital investment.

Avoidance of speculative markets

In his book, Andreessen supports also that it is important to avoid all speculative projects. Based on a venture capital investment, you are sure to buy and hold for as long as possible. Additionally, it allows you to truly focus on the intrinsic value tied to the crypto product. This is also valid for the technology under development.

When betting on daily trading, it is recommended to consider prices and charts. However, many investors don’t, and that’s where their mistake lies. For this venture capitalist, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are also not to be overlooked. Marc Andreessen think that the latter have considerable value, contrary to what the common assertion conveys.

If you take into account for example the NFT form which is criticized by almost everyone. People who support such an idea cannot succeed in cryptocurrency investing, according to this author.

Through this book, Marc Andreessen wishes to enhance the brilliance of the cryptocurrency market. He reminds anyone who sends unfounded criticism of this sector that they have not taken the time to do a good study.

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