MANTA, a new crypto to watch closely?  Growth of 25% in 24 hours

Manta Network’s crypto MANTA seems more determined than ever to conquer the market. After a week of consolidation, its price increased by 25%. What are the reasons for this exceptional increase? What are the predictions for this crypto? Answers!

Manta is now in the top 10 largest crypto blockchains based on TVL

Rapid growth propelled by the Binance crypto exchange

Binance adds Manta Coin to its native asset listing on January 15. This integration immediately triggered a spectacular surge in the price of this cryptocurrency. The latter reached a high of $3.25 in just 24 hours. This impressive surge follows a prolonged period of consolidation, where the MANTA crypto maintained stability around $2.60.

The dynamics of this growth are also reflected in the volume of trade. He knew an exceptional increase of 103% in the last 24 hours, crossing the $800 million mark. This demonstrates the massive investor interest in MANTA.

A TVL greater than $430 million

MANTA’s success story is not limited to its listing on the Binance crypto platform. The impressive growth in the value of locked assets (TVL) within the cryptographic protocol Manta Network is also one of the main drivers of this rise.

According to data from ChallengeLlamaManta Network’s TVL exceeds 430 million dollars. It is now among the top 10 decentralized protocols.

Crypto MANTA: What are the forecasts?

After reaching the high of $3.25 during the day, the MANTA crypto price underwent a slight correction. She currently trading at around $2.95, still showing an increase of 8.63% at the time of writing.

That being said, clouds of uncertainty loom. Some crypto market experts anticipate a potential pullback towards the $2.70 mark.

In any case, the rapid rise of MANTA on Binance marks its growing importance in the world of crypto currencies. File to follow closely!

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