Lens extends its influence with Bonzai, its new L3 platform

Lens is a protocol that allows users to form a digital set of connections between themselves. Connections established on a Lens app can be transferred to any other app based on the protocol. The protocol, which is based on the Polygon network, Ethereum’s layer 2 solution, manages 17 social media applications. That said, Lens recently decided to launch a Layer 3 solution with a view to becoming a more scalable protocol. Discover the new Optimistic L3 platform from Lens.

Here is the Bonzai layer 3 solution launched by Lens!

The Web3 Lens social media protocol team decided to launch a new network, an Optimistic L3 scaling solution called Bonzai which is based on Bundlr. Said solution, developed on Arweave and above all dedicated to scaling Lens’ social media apps. It also aims to offer an instant messaging solution and increase the scalability of Lens. It will process and store messages, comments and shares, on a large scale.

The team behind Lens revealed that in reality the Polygon network is unable to cover all the needs of large-scale social media applications. She explained that the previous version of Lens could not handle more than 50 transactions per second. At the same time, shared blockchain networks handle up to 200 transactions per second. During this time, Twitter can process 25,000 transactions per secondcan we read in the document published by the team.

Stani Kulechov, founder of the Lens protocol, has made statements on the subject. He indicated that Bonzai represents an important step in the mass adoption of Web3 social applications. He said : “To be competitive with Web2, decentralized social must expand. With the ability to support mass consumer adoption, we will see continued innovation on the Web3“.

Stani Kulechov suggested that innovation on Web3 will result in particular in the implementation of new functionalities. He also expects new business models to arrive that will be both exciting and compelling. According to him, all this will promote greater adoption of Web3. On the other hand, some believe that Web3 games will help drive a big wave of crypto adoption.

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