In Paris, the Bergère pharmacy accepts bitcoins (BTC)

The Bergère pharmacy in Paris is the first to accept bitcoins. The owner uses the Lyzi solution to allow its customers to also pay in various cryptocurrencies : Lyzi is a French company that wants to democratize the use of cryptos in France.

The laborious adoption of cryptocurrencies in France

French traders, as well as the public, take time to understand the interest of cryptocurrencies. It must be said that the political class does not really help with adoption: the problems of regulation and taxation do not encourage people to take the plunge. So, as soon as a business accepts cryptos in France, it’s almost a revolution. A few months ago, the Beaugrenelle shopping center announced its partnership with the French company Lyzi, whose team works tirelessly to democratize cryptocurrencies.

Lyzi bitcoin payments
The Lyzi project

An essential accompaniment

The Bergère pharmacy, located in Paris, is likely to have an international clientele: the diversification of means of payment is almost unavoidable. Of course, support was needed, which the owner found with Lyzi. He can therefore now list his pharmacy on the world map of businesses accepting bitcoin and ensure significant visibility. For the moment, online payment is not possible in cryptos, so you have to go to the pharmacy to take advantage of this possibility. However, this service should be available soon.

Payment in cryptos, but accounting in euros

Contrary to popular belief, the use of cryptocurrencies is very simple. For the moment, a large part of the French have not understood the interest of transactions in bitcoins, which is why awareness is necessary. If the political class is holding back the four irons to democratize cryptocurrencies, it is good to know that their use is becoming popular around the world. It is therefore never too late to discover all its facets. To facilitate pharmacy accounting, Lyzi makes the conversions in real time and the merchant receives his sales in euros. Nothing’s easier. You can find more information on the website of the Bergere Pharmacy.

The French have always been quite reluctant to change. Yet, crypto payments are accessible to everyone and used in many countries. There are contactless cards (NFC) to pay in bitcoins and the Bitcoin lightning network has proven itself, with ultra-fast transactions. We explain to you why it is interesting and easy to accept bitcoins in your business.

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