ICO WineTV: Why invest in wine streaming?

A newcomer has just appeared in the world of streaming platforms. It offers a generous catalog dedicated to oenophiles and spirits lovers, with a panoply of video content exclusively devoted to the winery. The initiative comes from the independent producer E-Studi’OZ. Discover with us BlueWine and the reasons to support the WineTV token ICO.

E-Studi’Oz: streaming 100% dedicated to wines and spirits

Created in January 2023 by E-Studi’Oz, the independent company of production of film content on wines and spirits, BlueWine is a revolution in the world of thematic streaming.

Indeed, this is the first time that a platform exclusively dedicated to the distribution of content relating to wines and spirits has entered the market. BlueWine will offer its audience several hundred films, reports, documentaries, etc on the subject.

As Gérard Spatafora, co-founder of E-Studi’Oz SAS, pointed out, while enthusiasts of all fields have access to thematic streaming platforms, no platform is really dedicated to wine and spirits. Similarly, the rare content on the subject on major platforms is difficult to find in the mass of videos.

Thus, enthusiasts will have the opportunity to dive into a universe entirely dedicated to them where they will go to discovery of landscapes, images of terroirs, varieties of grapes, stories told by individual and family producers from all over the world, etc.

These contents in various formats form a rich catalog that will be accessible via subscription or on demand. From now on, you will no longer have to browse dozens of websites in search of content related to the theme of wine. All you have to do is go to BlueWine and, like a miniature search engine, you will find everything you are looking for.

BlueWine does not intend to remain exclusively dedicated to the distribution of video content on wines and spirits of the world, however. The platform also aims to participate in the dynamization of the sector by stimulating the creation of creative content on the theme.

BlueWine wants to get involved and shine in the field of production and financing of original content. The many contents it currently offers are intended for create a certain emulation around the projects And expand the community of enthusiasts carrying the project.

The team’s goal is to bring together all wine and spirits enthusiasts, including film producers, on one site in order to create a hype around wine and of discover its riches to other people. And for that, the founders of the company E-Studioz do not intend to waste time.

Invest in BlueWine: 10 million WineTV tokens at 0.15 euro

For finance the development of your project, E-Studi’Oz launched an ICO on April 24, 2023 in Bordeaux, at the same time as its native token, called “WineTV”. Thanks to it, investors will be able to get involved in the project and co-produce almost 10 original content every year.

The token has been deployed on the BNB Chain, the multi-chain blockchain created by Binance. The founders want to raise 1,500,000 euros in the form of crypto tokens. The fundraiser was launched through IBEx Launchpad.

The investment will take the form of a crowdfundingOr crowdfunding. A total of 10,000,000 million tokens have therefore been put on the market for a unit price of 0.15 euro.

An exclusive offer has been planned by the company for this first token sale. This is the offer CONFIDENCE PACK “, which consists in keeping the tokens purchased on a “long” account on IBEx in order to benefit from a 100% increase in the initial number of WineTV tokens purchased.

why invest in the winetv token
All about the WineTV token – Source: Wine TV

A quarterly burn to boost the price of the WineTV token

According to Gérard Spatafora, co-founder of E-Studi’Oz SAS, the company has set up a Permanent buyback program to which he dedicated 12% of his turnover which is expected to be 1.3 million euros in 2023i.e. a potential of EUR 156,000.

The purpose of this burn is to gradually reduce the volume of tokens in circulation on the market and, by the principle of scarcity, to increase the price of the token in order to create value for investors.


Through BlueWine, E-Studi’Oz wishes to fill a glaring void in terms of a streaming platform for enthusiasts. Indeed, there are 384 million people who, according to statistics, consume wine and spirits at least once a week. The company plans to achieve a turnover of 1.3 million euros at the end of 2023. If this ambitious project interests you and you wish to participate in the ICO, go to WineTV’s website for more information.

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