How to buy Ethereum (ETH) at a better price?

The development of Ethereum is generating unparalleled excitement around the second largest crypto in the world. If until now it was already popular, Vitalik Buterin knew how to propel it to the top. So do you want to know how to buy ETH for free? Well follow the guide!

Ethereum (ETH), always further!

The crypto industry, like any other, faces stiff competition. Such an attractive market attracts many investors, but not only! Indeed, creators are the first to compete for the market. The growth and hype of digital assets has brought bitcoin to the fore.

However, ethereum, the main competitor of BTC, stands out and is increasingly attractive since the announcement of Vitalik Buterin’s updates. The blockchain is currently in development and the announcement of the next steps has the sector in turmoil. After deploying many contracts, Ethereum is rising a little more in the polls every day and becoming almost as popular as the flagship crypto.

Indeed, the launch of The Merge and The Surge gives ETH a head start. Although it has not even reached halfway through its development, it could now be treading the same steps as BTC.

Earlier this week, the US Senate introduced a bill that would grant oversight of ethereum (ETH) and bitcoin (BTC) to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). With the revitalization of its monetary system, there is no doubt that investors will increasingly turn to this blockchain.

How to buy ETH at discounted prices?

The downtrend was a big blow for cryptocurrencies. Indeed, most assets have lost more than 50% of their value. However, the market is slowly picking up. Although currently the Classes of ethereum is down 1.32% within 24 hours, there is no doubt that investors would love to know how to buy ETH at a better price.

If you are also interested, know that you can get ETH on Liquidity Protocol at reduced prices. Indeed, it is a protocol that allows you to borrow $LUSD against $ETH with zero interest costs. How is it possible ? Liquity charges one-time redemption and borrowing fees. The more you redeem, the higher the fees and less redemption, less borrowing costs.

Currently, borrowing costs are around 0.5%. In addition, its operation is similar to that of a MakerDAO. So a $LUSD is minted every time someone makes a loan. Investors can also participate in the liquidation process to buy ETH at a better price

The development of Ethereum attracts investors to this ecosystem. However, a question arises: how to buy crypto at a discount? On Liquity Protocol, you will find many necessary tricks to get tokens at a better price. What are you waiting for? Buy for less now!

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