How many bitcoins did miners earn in 2023?

Here are some statistics on the harvest of bitcoins made by miners in 2023. The ordinals and other inscriptions have rounded the end of the month.

Bitcoin blocks of 2023

In 2023, Bitcoin added 53,999 blocks together weighing 210 billion vbytes (virtual bytes).

In other words, the size of the blockchain increased by 20.6%, from 446 GB to 537 GB.

These blocks made it possible to carry out 153,415,993 transactions, and brought in 23,431 BTC in transaction fees.

“With the growth of ordinals and other inscriptions, an increasing share of the block has been consumed by NFTs and other tokens”precise @Mononaut

According to Mononaut’s analysis:

-Jpeg lovers paid 557 bitcoins in transaction fees.
-Speculators paid 6,542 bitcoins to create tokens (on-chain shitcoins).
-They together spent over 1000 bitcoins in fees to exchange their assets.

In other words, registrations represented 2.2% of all revenues earned by miners and pools (360,924 bitcoins).

Here is the @Mononaut thread in which you can find plenty of graphics and additional information:

The Ddos attack on registrations

2023 will have been marked by the emergence of “registrations” widely criticized by the majority due to the increase in transaction costs they cause. No consensus has yet emerged on how we should/could purge them from the blockchain.

Indeed, if the inscriptions do not date from yesterday, they are now clearly used to orchestrate a large-scale Ddos attack.

Bitcoin Magazine and a few intriguers like Udi and Eric Wall (TaprootWizards) are in charge. They benefit from financial assistance from companies like StarkWare (a company focused on ethereum…) or even Geometry, Collider Ventures, UTXO management and Newman Capital.

The modus operandi is very simple. This involves filling the bitcoin blockchain by entering data intended to represent tokens or NFTs. In short, wind that smart people sell to themselves until naive people take the bait.

All with the complicity of exchanges like Binance which are quick to list these scams. For example the BRC-20 “Computer” token. This results in three problems:

-Premature growth in blockchain size, which is bad for decentralization. The reason being that one has to spend more money on disk space as well as RAM to run a node.

-Explosion of transaction fees. Knowing that those who pay for them are ultimately the naive people who buy these registrations and who will end up losing all their money, as with NFTs.

-Assimilation of bitcoin to all the crYptO scams that have proliferated since the creation of bitcoin.

Let’s finish with the bitcoin reserves that listed miners managed to put aside at the end of November:

-Marathon: 14,025
-Riot: 7,258
-Cleanspark: 2,575
-HIVE: 1,627
-BitFarms: 760
-BitDigital: 642
-Ciphermining: 558
-DMG: 429
-Argo: 21
-Sato: 43
-Bitdeer: 0
-Core Scientific: 0
-Iris Energy: 0
-Terawulf: 0

One thing is certain for 2024, miners will collect half as many bitcoins from the halving scheduled for the end of May.

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