Here are the 5 things that will define humanity in the 21st century, according to Charles Hoskinson

Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain founder Cardano posted a video on YouTube on March 29. In the latter, Charles Hoskinson defined the 5 pillars of humanity in the 21st century. He explained that these elements can make humanity prosper as well as break it.

artificial intelligence

Charles Hoskinson believes that AI is the first pillar of humanity in the 21st century. He valued this technology, which the CEO of Galaxy Digital nevertheless considers to be more to be feared than crypto. Hoskinson said:This is the first time that we have been able to extend our cognition to the point of having synthetic cognition on a global scale that is growing and evolving at a very rapid rate.“. He considers the AI ​​to be a superpowered second brain thanks to its access to the internet and its ability to train itself.

GPT-4 trains GPT-5, and GPT-5 trains GPT-6, and each time it does that, it gains exponential abilities. You have exponentially growing technology that can create new knowledge and insights“explained the founder of Cardano.

quantum computing

Hoskinson believes that quantum computing can step in to improve the capabilities of AI which are still limited. He has indicated that this new computing model offers very important new capabilities such as “one-shot signatures“. Hoskinson believes quantum computing can improve Bitcoin’s security.

synthetic biology

Hoskinson explained that synthetic biology is the third key area that could revolutionize humanity in the 21st century. “If you have synthetic biology capabilities, you can potentially use biological systems to replicate computer systems. We can thus create new interfaces or store information in the DNA“, he argued.


Hoskinson claimed that nanotechnology allows humans to turn any physical object into a computer. He explained : “Sif you have synthetic biology companies with nanotechnology, then you can consider integrate computational capabilities into biological systems and vice versa“.

blockchain technology

For Hoskinson, blockchain could be used to “create the rules of this new world order“. This technology “lives in this space of synthetic natural law where it can take things that we would like to have, encode them in the right way, and then suddenly make those things immutable“.

The founder of Cardano believes that the 5 pillars he cited are interconnected. Also, they could facilitateequality by design and guarantee of rights“. Moreover, Hoskinson’s statements come at a time when the ADA is of increasing interest to major investors.

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