Hamster Kombat: the crypto game with 200 million players that threatens Bitcoin!

In the ever-changing world of crypto and blockchain gaming, a new phenomenon has emerged: Hamster kombat. The latter captivates the attention of millions of users around the world and has even surpassed Notcoin in popularity. However, despite its 200 million users, this game does not seem to please everyone…

Hamster Kombat, the new king of the crypto sphere?

Hamster Kombat is a tap-to-earn game that lets players take on the role of CEO of a crypto exchange. By clicking on a circular image of a hamster, players can earn tokens in each game session. The game also offers rewards for tasks such as referrals. In less than 80 days, Hamster Kombat has reached an impressive level of popularity! With a Telegram community of 36.1 million users and nearly 200 million participants worldwide.

The Hamster Kombat team also announced the launch of its native token, $HMSTR, on the TON blockchain! With an airdrop planned for July. This development suggests a growing trend toward the adoption of GameFi games, which combine finance and gaming to create an immersive and lucrative user experience.

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A threat to the Iranian authorities!

However, this popularity is not without controversy. In Iran, the government has expressed strong objections to Hamster Kombat, as Google searches for the game have surpassed those for Bitcoin. The rise of Hamster Kombat has raised concerns among Iranian authorities. They see in this crypto game, a potential distraction from presidential elections future.

Google searches for crypto game Hamster Kombat have exceeded those for Bitcoin in IranGoogle searches for crypto game Hamster Kombat have exceeded those for Bitcoin in Iran
Hamster Kombat Research Overtakes Bitcoin in Iran

Despite the criticism, Hamster Kombat's meteoric rise is a testament to the game's appeal. It is attracting a crowd eager to participate in the imminent launch of its token. Players immerse themselves in a world where managing a crypto exchange becomes both fun and potentially profitable.

Hamster Kombat perfectly illustrates how blockchain games can quickly gain popularity and influence the economic and social landscape. As the game continues to grow and attract new users, it will be interesting to track its impact on the crypto market, and government regulations across the world.

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