FTX case: Shaquille O'Neal finally summoned to appear before the judge

Shaquille O’Neal was eventually summoned to court. He is due to appear before the judge in a class action lawsuit against FTX’s endorsers. The NBA star is embroiled in the scandalous case of FTX for promoting the crypto platform. It has since turned out to be an international fraud. The service to O’Neil marks the end of the manhunt which now includes some celebrities involved in the case.

A class action directed against a few personalities

Shaquille O’Neal, an NBA legend, is involved in the FTX case. Edwin Garrison has filed a class action lawsuit against founder Sam Bankman-Fried but also other celebrities and athletes including O’Neal. Tom Brady, Larry David, Stephen Curry, Gisele Bündchen and Kevin O’Leary are also implicated in the case. The basketball superstar received the official documents outside his Texas residence on Sunday.

Plaintiff attorneys Adam Moskowitz and David Boies attempted to contact O’Neal on several occasions. However, he managed to avoid them, requiring a real chase of three months to assign him. The lawyers finally succeeded in serving him his summons asking him not to erase the security tapes. Indeed, the security tapes of his house must be preserved for the trial.

FTX manhunt ends

Shaquille O’Neal is the latest defendant to be notified, ending the hunt for those involved in the FTX scandal. The former superstar will have to explain himself in front of the judge for his role in promoting FTX. Indeed, the now defunct cryptocurrency exchange had launched extensive marketing campaigns. They include Super Bowl commercials but also celebrity endorsements and naming rights to the Miami Heat arena.

Mr. O’Neal’s advertisement “FTX: I Am All In” has, among other things, encouraged investors to use the crypto exchange platform. The ad was created by New York ad agency Dentsu McGarrybowen and global partnership firm Wasserman. As a reminder, Judge Michael Moore had denied the request for service to the celebrity via Twitter. The plaintiff’s lawyers therefore took the instructions very seriously to put an end to this chase.

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