Franklin Templeton praises Bitcoin Ordinals: A betrayal of purists?

The controversies surrounding Bitcoin Ordinals never stop. While BTC maximalists criticize, financial giant Franklin Templeton applauds. The crypto community is speechless!

Bitcoin Ordinals: the strange attraction of Franklin Templeton

While Luke Dashjr declares the end of registrations for Bitcoin Ordinals this year, arousing the anger of bitcoin maximalists, Frank Templeton stands out with an unexpected press release, full of optimism.

The rise of Bitcoin Ordinals

At the heart of the frenzy of digital collections, Bitcoin Ordinals are now fascinating even financial giants like Franklin Templeton, specifies Decrypt. In a recent prospectus, the investment firm's digital assets division highlights the rise of these curious creations.

Franklin Templeton Digital Assets highlights the excitement surrounding Bitcoin NFTs, called Ordinals, as well as other emerging innovations in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. This sudden attention highlights the growing impact of Ordinals in the world of digital assets.

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The Ordinals phenomenon was initiated by Casey Rodarmor, whose protocol gave birth to a new approach assigning a specific number to each fraction of Bitcoin, or Satoshi. This “ordinal theory” quickly gained popularity, fueling a wave of interest and activity in the NFT markets.

Franklin Templeton Digital Assets highlights the rise of Ordinals collections, including projects such as NodeMonkes, Runestone, Bitcoin Puppets, Ordinal Maxi Biz, and Bitmap. These names, until now unfamiliar in the traditional financial field, demonstrate the originality and diversity of the Ordinals (ORDI) ecosystem.

The growing focus on Ordinals is also illustrated by their constantly increasing trading volume, even surpassing Ether in terms of volume since December 2023. This trend speaks to the rapid evolution and growing importance of Ordinals in the digital asset landscape.

A far-sighted player in the world of digital assets

In the digital asset circle, Franklin Templeton has shown a gradual lead. With the SEC's approval of the Bitcoin ETF (EZBC) in January, Templeton showed its strong support for the cryptocurrency.

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Its digital assets team has not shied away from openly supporting blockchain technology, going so far as to invest in infrastructure startups Ordinals. Templeton's attention has recently focused on Runestone, becoming the third largest collection of NFTs by market capitalization.

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