Ethereum (ETH) Shapella Upgrade: What's this IP address leak story?

Confidential data is sacred. A sane person would not venture to display them publicly or entrust them to any entity. Whether it’s called Facebook, Microsoft or Ethereum. The latter, who is granted the status of largest blockchain in the world, had just successfully completed a hard fork, Shanghai or Shapella. This upgrade, which was supposed to please investors and validators, nevertheless presents a small downside. Zoom !

Security issues for ETH staking after Shanghai

last November, MetaMask almost suffered a popular condemnation because of a project collection of IP addresses. We don’t play that game with the crypto community. The discontent of the users would have pushed the administrators of MetaMask to backtrack.

But against all odds, the freshly updated Ethereum network has somewhat similar problems. In an article published yesterdayCointelegraph pointed out that Justin Drake, a researcher at the Ethereum Foundation discovered that staking ether would endanger the privacy of the user’s IP address. And even worse, other metadata would become exposed at the same time.

There is a lot of metadata, you can look at deposit addresses, you can look at withdrawal addresses, you can look at fee profits, you can look at IP addresses. »

Alert, Ethereum would be playing with the confidential data of stakers!

Ethereum = chain from 1984

Justin Drake, who works as a ‘researcher’ at the Etherum Foundation, said today that when you stake your ETH, you can be tracked by your IP address. »

Did Drake sign his death warrant at Ethereum by revealing such a secret? Time will tell us.

What can users do?

Of course, such a cluster bomb pushes the Twitter community to react. DeFi Crypto Vaults posted this 2 hours after Justin Drake’s revelations.

A few tips for not going naked on Ethereum

DeFi Security Setup:

– Linux system

– VPN 24/7

– Ledger (hardware wallet)

Protect yourself from data mining and scams!

Did I forget something? »

Securing your cryptos with Ledger
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Drake, in an April 12 interview with the crypto podcast Bankless, confirmed that “ this is a dataset of the most involved citizens in Ethereum… »

Interview in which Drake made the said revelation

Mentioning george orwell in his Tweet, Pledditor highlights a centralist side of Ethereum that is completely opposed to the spirit of a blockchain. And questions will arise later, let’s be sure. Has it always been the case since? Or is this confidential data exposure story stemming from a Shanghai-related bug?

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