Ethereum (ETH): Etherscan, a trust tool?

To learn about what is happening on a blockchain, there is an effective tool that is commonly used: Etherscan. We generally tend to trust it and use it constantly. However, is it as believable and trustworthy as the developers claim? Can’t it be manipulated? So many questions to which you will find answers in the following development.

The simple methodology to manipulate Etherscan

Etherscan is part of the large family of block explorers useful for learning about a blockchain. It provides a lot of important information. For example, with this tool, it is possible to know the supply of the blockchain and the contract that governs its operation. However, despite its performance, this software can easily be handled.

Let’s say a developer decides to launch a project, but wants to lie about his tokenomics without being detected. Contrary to what one might think, with Etherscan, it is indeed possible. To do this, he just needs to modify a parameter in the original contract by importing ERC20 from OpenZeppelin locally on its developer environment. How to do ? You just have to change the property of “_balances” from ” private ” at ” internal “.

Once this modification is made, it is necessary to add the token to Metamask. In these circumstances, the data revealed by Etherscan will be different from those which correspond to reality. This is how many dishonest developers manage to mislead the vigilance of Internet users by presenting them with false and totally erroneous data to lure them into traps.

Avoid falling into a trap

There are not 60,000 techniques to escape the traps that are set by malicious developers. There is only one and it is really effective: read blockchain contract. For anyone considering using a blockchain, it is essential to read each contract carefully before getting started. This is the best strategy to protect yourself from fake developers.

When checking the contract, it is essential to analyze readability and the information provided therein. In this way, it becomes possible to optimize the chances of escaping manipulations by powerful software such as Etherscan.

Etherscan is one of the most powerful tools used to analyze blockchains. However, contrary to what is said, it is not completely invulnerable to the manipulations of competent developers. Unfortunately, many people have already fallen into the trap of these individuals with bad intentions. It is nevertheless possible to escape it!

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